August 26th Brian and Michelle – Lansing, MI
“I truly believe that all couple should have to this course to prepare for marriage.”

Him: This course helped to identify potential problems that we have never thought of in a marriage and promoted conversation between my fiancée and I on how to best avoid these problems.

Her: I think we will have a better idea of how to avoid problems or how best to work through them when they arise.

BothWe were able to address a lot of topics that we had never thought about or discussed before.  It allowed us to identify some of our strengths and weaknesses.

August 27th Georgeos and Elizabeth – Dallas, TX
“This course taught so many valuable lessons.”

Him: The course was personal and I liked that there was somebody on the other end opposed to an automated test online

Her:  I liked that we were paired with one couple for the entire course that got to know us. I think it’s more interactive than sitting in a classroom with other couples and listening to a lecture.  

Both: This course reaffirmed to me how important it is to have God in your life and when you want to start a family.


August 28th Miguel and Lindsay – Harrisburg, PA
“We are now “prepped” in such a way that I think we will be able to navigate any issues.”

Him: I really enjoyed the entire process; having the opportunity to work through scenarios and issues beforehand is really unique.

Her: The marriage prep was a really amazing experience for both of us.  We were excited to be able to work through the next worksheet as they became available. 

Both:The course helped us to talk about our future and how we will incorporate God and our faith into our lives and family.


August 29th Khanh and Quynh – Sioux City, IA
“This prep is short and effective.”

Him: The course was more than what I expected. I learn a lot of new things that I have never read before. 

Her:  I like this prep because we can do it on our on pace, we don't necessarily have to finish the assignment in one sitting, which is nice because we can stop in the middle of it. 

BothThe course really helps improve our communication with each other because we learn how to communicate more directly. 


August 30th David and Sarah – Detroit, MI
“I got more out of this course than excpected.”

Him: It made me realize how God is such a huge part of our marriage.

Her: We found it to be fun, and with us being apart in different states it became something we looked forward to doing and talking about.

Both:  We had some the deepest conversations with each other that we've never shared or had the opportunity to share with anyone else before.