October 14th Sean and Kellie – Colorado Springs, CO
“The course helped us align ourselves with one another and with God.”

Him: The course was really helpful in both teaching us more about the sacrament and helping us to talk about important issues.It was even more in-depth than I anticipated.

Her:  I loved that each part of the course was ordered nicely...it literally started from the beginning and took us through a journey that was easy to follow and delivered in a way that really helped us learn and grow in our faith.

BothIt really brought up topics that helped us think about our faith journey so far and then how as a couple, we are going to move forward and plan our life based on faith. 


October 15th Hunter and Marybeth – Denver, CO  
“We enjoyed the course and are very, very pleased with it.”

Him: The course allowed us to have conversations that were engaging, important, and that will strengthen our marriage overall.

Her: It allowed me to appreciate the importance of faith in a marriage.

Both:  This course allowed us to appreciate and really understand the importance communication offers in a marriage and strong relationship.


October 16th Jimmy and Hannah – Rockville Centre, NY
“The course helped us get back to the core of our relationship founded in faith.”

Him: I appreciated the fact that many of the questions asked ended up starting meaningful discussions between Hannah and I.

Her: I felt that the guidance we received helped us truly understand what we were preparing for and how to best do so. 

Both: This course really tied our faith into all aspects of our life to truly understand how deep faith goes. 


October 17th Huy and Nhung – Vietnam
“I felt very blessed that I was able to join this course.”

Him: I do believe that my wife and I could have a better marriage preparation with this course. 

Her: I was interested in learning of how to solve conflicts in the family by writing a short letter for my spouse.

BothI believe that the course will surely benefit our marriage life and help us to overcome conflicts that may happen in our family. 


October 18th Scott and Laura – Pittsburgh, PA
“I feel that we now have a deeper understanding of marriage.”

Him: I feel we got a thorough understanding of the Sacrament of Marriage and were supported the entire way.

Her: The course reminded us that God is essential in all things but especially a marriage in order to have a strong foundation.

Both: The instructor’s responses were quick and filled with deep knowledge and understanding. They took time to help us on our path to a life together.