January 7th Tim and Ali – Burlington, VT
“I was amazed by the detail of all the lessons and responses from our instructors

Him: The Pre-Cana lessons were very thorough and not only did the questions and lessons meet my expectations, but the feedback from our mentors was above and beyond.

Her: I appreciated the time and space to focus on us as a couple and our marriage and future. 

Both(The course) provided a guideline to have successful conversations and explored situations we wouldn't have thought to explore without it.

January 8th Brenden and Grace – Venice, FL
“It was a really wonderful course that I would highly recommend. The method was very ideal”

Him: I appreciated the time and effort that (our instructors) both put into the course. I think it really changed my perspective on faith and opened my mind in many ways.

HerThe course was better than what I expected. I thought it might be something we dreaded or feel like homework, but we actually enjoyed it and looked forward to our discussions triggered by this course

Both: The course was a really great chance for us to talk about things that might become issues or that might be challenges we one day will face.

January 9th Chris and Elyse – Harrisburg, PA
“(The course) was great for our long distance relationship.”

HimI appreciated getting the Church's insight on problems/circumstances that may come up in our marriage.

HerConvenient way to complete requirements for marriage in Catholic Church all while strengthening our relationship and our Catholic faith.

BothThe course further strengthened our bond and brought more light on our future relationship as a married couple.

January 10th Haris and Zeljana – Edmonton, Alberta
“(The course) taught me things about relationships and marriage that I did not know.”

: I discovered the new dimension of marriage through this course. I believe that it prepared me for the roll of husband and father.

Her In every assignment I found something interesting what opened wide image around us.

BothThe course helped us to realize the importance of faith in our relationship and to focus more on the other side rather than just on oneself.

January 11th Paolo and Itziar – Miami, FL
“We feel so much closer to each other and to God.”

Him: The course was extremely rigorous and eye-opening on so many aspects of the Church and marriage that we hadn't though about or even imagined.

Her My future husband and I have learned SO MUCH from this. Honestly, I don't know if we would have been as prepared as we are now to embark on marriage without this course.

Both(Our instructors) responses were defiantly the part we appreciated the most.