June 3rd Jake and Cori – Saint Louis, LA
“The course was thoughtful and very thought provoking.”

Him:It certainly got us to talk about topics that I didn’t think we would talk about for a while, and it really opened up our relationship and focused us on what’s truly important.

Her:  It was an eye opening class. I really enjoyed getting to talk about the difficult stuff with Jake, and I’m excited to bring these lessons into our marriage from the beginning.

BothWe talked about everything personal, making our relationship stronger.

June 4th Edwin and Jessica – Chicago, IL
“I thought the marriage prep was wonderful.”

Him:The course was a great opener to discuss interesting marriage and family details, and great discussing how to incorporate our family life with God and the Church.

Her:  I appreciated that most questions were based off of his and her responses because it gave us our own space to compose and compare our thoughts and then receiving two different answers at the end was even more insightful.

Both: We were able to speak about certain topics that probably wouldn't have been brought up in the future. 

June 5th Christopher and Maria – Millbrae, CA  
“There is so much information in the course!”

Him: This was an informative and strengthening process that really made us think about things that we hadn't thought of yet. 

Her: I really appreciated the attention to our future and the tools necessary to have a successful marriage.

Both The course opened our eyes to listening better. It is easy to hear and reply, but to listen a little deeper to find what we need from each other will be how we can make sure that our marriage will succeed.

June 6th Heriberto and Yoselin – Denver, CO
“We enjoyed the course and can’t wait to involve it in our lives.”

Him:This prep really helped me understand the different aspects that go into having a successful marriage. I really enjoyed the course. 

Her: I have learned a lot and got a lot of tips on how it can benefit our future marriage. I am very happy to have taken this course.

BothWe listen to each other a lot better; when there is an argument we talk about it and find ways to fix it that same day

June 7th Derek and Natalia – Atlanta, GA
“The course was quick and thorough.”

Him:  I think it is a great way for people with limited time to take a quick yet deep reflection on the Sacrament of Marriage and prepare for the voyage they are about to embark on.

Her: I appreciated the various ways in which the content was distributed. For example, there were videos, readings, and the answer keys.

Both I appreciated how they gave us feedback immediately. It really decreased our overall stress levels because we knew we were in a crunch.