August 12th Elias and Kelsey – Nashville, TN
“This was a great course that we could do at own pace!”

Him:This was a great class and really got us talking about topics and working out things we haven't had the opportunity to talk about.

Her:  The course got us closer to God as a couple and we have started praying together!

BothIt really taught us how to listen to each other and work together to figure out solutions to problems.


August 13th Danny and Kaycee – St. Petersburg, FL
“This course was an excellent tool for preparing us for our wedding.”

Him: The course gave us ideas and tips for future situations that may arise, overall great detail and knowledge.

Her:  I appreciate learning about the deeper meaning that both my fiancé and I now know and understand about how truly important this sacrament of marriage is.

Both:  The course helped us build upon our foundation and form a stronger relationship.


August 14th Tim and Karla – Bridgeport, CT
“It was a very spiritual and educational experience.”

Him:  This course was very informative and allowed us to connect on a different and spiritual level.

Her: The course was a convenient and great opportunity to learn more about our relationship with God and each other.

Both: It improved our communication by allowing us to talk about subjects and ideas we don't normally communicate about. We were able to hear out each other's perspectives on these topics and learn more about each other through them.


August 15th Matthew and Jennifer – Philadelphia, PA
“I feel a stronger connection in my religion now."

Him: The course was very inspirational and helpful in guiding us toward a successful and spiritual marriage.

Her:  The course was insightful and sparked many interesting conversations between us. It has helped us continue on a path to strengthen our relationship with each other and with God.

BothWe talked through subjects that we have not given much time to before, and it was a learning experience for each of us.


August 16th Sam and Shanna – Madison, WI
“The course helped us to know each others faith on a deeper level.”

Him: I really enjoyed learning more about our faith together as a couple and all of the feedback we received on our assignments.

Her: I liked how we got to learn things that we didn't have a full understanding of before.

Both:  Our instructors were great and very helpful when we weren't always sure how to answer things. They gave great insight.