October 26th, Casey and Nicole, San Francisco, CA  "Gave us time to work with each other as a couple"
His:"The online class was informative and very helpful in understanding the true meaning of marriage. The class actually exceeded my expectations for an online class as it was very well written and thought through."
Her: "This online class was great in the fact that the process was straight forward and gave us time to work with each other as a couple. The program provided all the information I was looking for when going into our marriage and the counselors gave us great feedback."
Both: "We plan on raising our children in a domestic church and praying throughout the day it will bring us closer to God. Also, we plan to very active in our church community."

October 27th, Andrew and Brooke, Spokane, Washington  "The answer keys were wonderful and tailored to us"
His: "It was very insightful, I appreciated the most the ease of the program and the insights it provided. I plan to go to Mass and bring my children to Mass."
Her: "I enjoyed our instructors' responses the most. The answer keys were wonderful and tailored to us. This course helped me to remember how important my faith is in my life and in any life I choose to share with anyone. Modern society often shuns people who put Christ first in their life and in their relationship... And this course helped me to remember that we, as faithful Christians, must keep strong to our faiths and beliefs even when the outside world is laughing or criticizing us."
Both: "It was eye opening to do this long-distance "together" and really showed us a lot about ourselves."

October 28th, Matt and Kalea, Buena Vista, CO  "Taught me more than I could have imagined during this prep"
His:"Very thorough and well thought out. It is difficult to find the level and scale of detail in real life. Very well done for an online course. This course exceeded my expectations and taught me more than I could have imagined during this prep. The prep has always been a requirement for me/us, but the depth has revitalized some portions of my faith that had become stale."
Her: "I highly enjoyed the course. It was a great Catholic marriage prep and really tied in the Catholic faith into marriage in ways that I had not previously been introduced to. Having another couple to guide and mentor us was beneficial and allowed a more personal experience."
Both: "It did improve our connection by helping us communicate more and learn more about each other and about our faith and our God. By deepening and strengthening our relationship with God, our relationship with each other is stronger. We also have a more clear idea of what Holy Matrimony is meant to be."

October 29th, Patrick and Gloria, Colorado Springs, CO   "Learned new Listening skills." (Civilly married 5 children, one spouse entering the Catholic Church.)
His: "I can see why this would help a vast number of couples. We have relearned a lot of things, I have new listening skills now.
I am thankful you kept giving us the time we needed to complete this course. I have always wanted to be a Knight of Columbus.
Her: "I am happy this is available to engaged couples. This course was well put together and now I can complete my sacraments.
Both: "We plan on attending mass two or more times a week and bring my family up in God's path.

October 30th, Alexander and Arianna,  Lakewood, CO "Enjoyed NFP and "Green Sex"!
His: "It was good information and taught us a lot of things that we didn't know. I enjoyed most NFP and the Green Sex. It was the most informative and taught us a lot of things that we plan to use throughout our marriage. I also enjoyed the Relationship tools worksheet."
Her: "It was very informative and I really enjoyed looking deeper into the Word of God and what it all means, especially in the sacrament of marriage. I really enjoyed the audio video Green Sex. It was taught us a lot of things that we never knew and even kind of upset us. It definitely helped us make some decisions as to how we are going to view and have intercourse in our married life."
Both: "We are going to join the next Bible study group in order to become closer to God through the understanding of his Word. 
It improved our communication by helping us to open up about our faith a little more and be comfortable talking about our intentions for our married and family life. 
We really enjoyed this process and the depth that it took us into the Bible. Thank you for helping us learn and understand better through the Word of God and even through your own life experiences! We appreciates your time and honesty, it was great working with our instructors!"