September 16th Andrew and Juliana – Buffalo, NY
“The course is something we use daily.”

Him: This prep made our relationship and understanding of the church stronger.

Her:  I thought this prep was important for us. Although we knew each other pretty well, this course made us open up more about situations that weren't always easy to talk about and that's important to start off our married life.

BothThe prep revived our faith by reminding us that even because our life gets busy, we need to make time for God and Church.


September 17th Cristian and Caryn – Sacramento, CA
“Having an online course was very helpful.”

Him: I think this prep works very well. We both learned a lot about the sacrament of marriage, our faith, and ourselves. 

Her: I really enjoyed this process and believed it help shed a light on things that we didn't even think about and on how we can strengthen and involve God in our relationship.

Both:  We are very satisfied with the course. It was beyond our expectation and the experience was more eye opening to appreciate the sanctity of this sacrament.


September 18th Andrew and Erica – Denver, CO
“The course set an important foundation for us.”

Him:  The sections on forgiveness and humility were especially enlightening to me, and overall it was a very good process for an outsider to the Catholic faith.

Her: The flexibility of this course was perfect, and it brought us together both in person and when we were apart to spend time collaborating, discussing, and learning about marriage.

Both: We appreciated that there was a mix of passage reviews, videos, and a mix of question types. It kept the content engaging and helped it to stick.


September 19th Adam and Erin – Knoxville, TN
“This course was excellent for us to prepare thoroughly for marriage.”

Him: I enjoyed the privacy of being able to discuss intimate and personal aspects of our relationship without the group setting of other retreats.

Her: I am very happy we choose to complete our preparations with this course versus another option, we were able to more frankly and openly talk without other distractions.

BothI appreciated the layout of the course, discussion with a couple and the aspect of discovering the meaning behind the vows and how to overcome or avoid some major difficulties in marriage.


September 20th Andrew and Lauren – Galveston-Huston, TX
“The course gave us new things to think about.”

Him: I thought it was very thorough and think it gave a very good overview of the spiritual and practical aspects of marriage.

Her: The answer keys seemed tailored to us and the particular areas where we need to grow in.

Both: The course covered everything we were expecting it to, with more thoroughness than we expected.