January 6th Mikie and Alison – Baton Rouge, LA
“The course had a positive impact on me.”

Him: The course was very educational and informative.  I definitely feel better prepared to enter into marriage.It was nice to be able to share and learn the God's expectations of us together throughout the course.

Her: I felt that the course was very interactive and I was able to get a lot of feedback on answers I may not have been sure about. We were able to have some great discussions

BothWe were able to communicate through God and his teachings.  The course forced us to talk about subjects that may have otherwise been pushed aside. It made me realize that we need to make a conscious effort to grow our relationship with God.


January 7th Tien and Van – Fort Worth, TX
“Now I know how important it is to prepare for marriage.”

Him: It was a very knowledgeable course that helped me learn what it truly meant to be in a Catholic married relationship. I will carry the lessons with me for the rest of my life.

Her: It was very helpful and knowledgeable course for both of us. It helped me to learn how to become a good partner in the Catholic matrimony as well as to know how to communicate and share the happiness or difficulties to each other.

Both:  We are more open with each other and what our goals are for this marriage. We feel as though we can be freer to express ourselves without worry about hurting the other person's feelings.


January 8th Ron and Kaja – Sacramento, CA
“I was happy with the course.”

Him:  I appreciated the depth of some of the questions and the depth of the information provided.I enjoyed going deeper and getting a better understanding with Kaja.

Her: I appreciated the introduction to Green Sex, while being a long one it was very informational and intriguing.

Both: This course was a nice way to start those conversations and be able to continue the conversation with each other and Christ.


January 9th Tyler and Merritt – Lafayette, LA
“Great information and conversation pieces.”

Him: The links were very helpful and were very detailed which helped us understand what was being taught.

Her: I thoroughly enjoyed myself being a new Catholic and learning all this new information with my soon to be husband!

Both: We got to discuss in-depth questions and put into our own words how we would feel.


January 10th Richard and Constance – Lansing, MI 
“We both learned a lot.”

Him: I did not expect this level of detail and subject depth when we requested the course. It has helped me want to renew reading the Bible and understanding more of what God and my spouse wants.

Her: It was very in depth and it motivated me to do further research on the topics we studied and provoked self-reflection in a most positive way.

Both: We are making a greater commitment to praying together and understanding that will be at the center of our relationship. It ignited a fire to spend more time on our religion together.