January 28th Rob and Jessica – Los Angeles, CA
“I really appreciated the catechesis with clear explanations. The answer keys were really outstanding.”

Him:  I appreciated understanding the church's view of marriage and how we're meant to live as husband and wife.

Her: I really appreciated the charitable and gracious way that the course was framed for my husband to be, who is not a practicing Catholic. There was a lot he could get out that was accessible and yet still very direct.

BothWe had good conversations about the things that were keeping us from fully sharing with each other.

January 29th Adam and Colleen – Chicago, IL
“(The course) brought topics to life that we may not have even thought about.”

Him:I appreciated the time I got to spend with Colleen while doing these assignments.

HerI really appreciated the openness and honesty that both of our instructors gave us. It helped us be open, honest and vulnerable with each other.

Both: (The course) made us talk and answer the hard questions. It made us really look into our differences and find ways to communicate and navigate our relationship.

January 30th Henry and Vicky – San Francisco, CA
“The online course allowed us to take our time and discuss each question and reading.”

Him(The course) was a great insight to how in depth we need to be with God, faith and ourselves

HerI really enjoyed the in depth response and feedback in our answer key

Both(The course) allowed us to disclose our thoughts and feelings freely which ultimately showed us that we are on the same page.

January 31st Richard and Cassandra – Milwaukee, WI
“This prep covers many different aspects of what it means to be married. It was a great course.”

Him:This is going to be a big help in our marriage for me because it helped solidify somethings on what it takes to have a good marriage but also some things to avoid.

Her (The course) taught me a lot on how to be a good wife. It also taught us what to expect for the future and how to live by God in our marriage.

BothIt improved our communication because we were able to go through the course and discuss things that we wouldn’t regularly talk about.


February 1st Bradley and Katie – Indianapolis, IN“I liked that we built a stronger and more spiritual relationship with each other.”

Him: (The course) helped me find an awareness that I want to spend more time on my faith & strengthen my relationship with God.

Her: I appreciated the relevancy of the topics. I also really enjoyed the real-life feedback & examples given from (our instructors).

BothWe had been struggling to attend mass regularly but now we have a whole new excitement towards mass and growing closer to God together.