September 2nd Andrew and Christina – Military
“I appreciated that we could do the course on our own time.”

Him: The online aspect of this class made it possible to knock out a lecture during deployment whenever I had a few hours off, which was really nice.

Her:  Andy being gone all the time is hard but this class gave us the opportunity to talk about the importance of marriage and the opportunity to answer hard questions we hadn't really thought about before.

BothThe combination of articles, videos, and sound bites created a nice change of pace. A lot of questions came up in each lesson that made both of us seriously think of our future and what marriage really is intended for.  


September 3rd Zachery and Renee – Detroit, MI
“Now knowing more about the sacrament we are about to encounter, I want to become closer to God.”

Him:  I appreciated how it made Renee and I discuss the future, how to forgive and how to communicate better in a relationship.

Her:  I was thoroughly pleased with the ease of the course and the information that we received through it.

Both:  We now know that communication is key in surviving as a couple through God and that we need to be open with each other about our wants, needs, and goals.


September 4th Saul and Elizabeth – Sacramento, CA
“The course has definitely aided us.”

Him: I feel educated on the subject of marriage and on what it really means to be a husband to his wife and a father to his kids. 

Her: The detailed responses in the answer key were very helpful with helping us grasp the deep subjects. I’m also very appreciative of learning NFP.

Both:The moment we decided on marriage, the desire to be closer to God ignited. And this course has helped guide us in how to achieve that. 


September 5th John and Katie – Denver, CO
“The prep has been helpful in our relationship.”

Him: Overall the prep was great; being able to discuss topics we don't normally talk about was beneficial.

Her:  Our instructors were great, very helpful especially with our tight timeline. 

BothWe got to hear each other’s thoughts, and come together to find answers as a couple instead of just individuals. 


September 6th Aziel and Pamela – Colorado Springs, CO
“We were presented with a lot of useful information.”

Him: Excellent! We learned so much important information that will be extremely helpful in building a successful marriage.

Her: I loved it! There was so much information in this course that I was unaware of. Overall, I learned the importance of God's role in marriage.

Both:  It has greatly improved our communication in the sense that we learned several strategies in the course on ways we could effectively communicate with one another.