September 3rd Seabastian and Jessica- Whittier, CA “100% satisfaction. It was such an eye opener to life, God, our relationship and our faith.”
Him: I was amazed how much I learned, it brought me closer to my religion. It also opened my eyes to many different topics. I am so glad I was able to share this experience with Jess.
Her: It was more than what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be more basic but each chapter took the right and specific time to explain its purpose.
Both: It made us prouder to be a Catholic and continue being part of this community.

September 4th Jaron and Andrea-Spokane, WA  “I appreciated the conversations on relationships, and how to handle conflicts.
Him: I was actually surprised at what was discussed, and it definitely gave us cause to discuss things as a couple that we hadn't before. This is surprising given that we have been together 8 years!
Her: I thought that the prep was pretty comprehensive in its discussion topics. I liked that a few social justice issues were discussed, especially as they related to religious marriage. This also gave me an opportunity to consider some aspects of the Catholic faith that I hadn't put thought into before, even after attending a Catholic university.
BothWe thought it greatly improved our communication! We found ourselves talking about things we hadn't before, and even about subjects we normally avoid. It was really good to be forced to discuss these things, and we feel stronger as a couple because of it.

September 5th Brent and Marie-Sioux City, IA  It really brought up issues that made us think deeper about our own religion and that inevitably helped to bring us closer to God.
Him: It really brought up issues that made us think deeper about our own religion and that inevitably helped to bring us closer to God.
Her: My overall impression is that I'm very happy that this course could bring up topics that Brent and I haven't talked about yet or explore deeper and I believe it is very beneficial to us to talk more about the religious side of our relationship.
Both: A lot of the questions brought up through this course "forced" (in a good way) us to talk about issues never-before spoken about. Our thoughts are now, that we can talk about anything with each other.

September 6st Jared and Amanda-Detroit, MI “I appreciated the personal experiences and advice that was given to us…”
Him: I like the straightforward approach and the feedback between each session.
Her: Each section brought a new perspective in regard to marriage; it was very easy to relate to [the mentor couple] as they shared personal experiences that we could relate to which was appreciated.
Both: It really helped us to have conversations that we may not have had without prompting. We got to know a better understanding of our personal relationships with God as well as our past experiences within Catholic school and catechism.

September 7th Michael and Sully-Denver, CO  “These lessons were amazing and insightful!”
Him: I felt that the course really went above and beyond my expectations and we felt it was great to get closer to God and ignite an old flame I used to have when I was a teenager.
Her: This really opened my eyes and it made me feel that what we are about to embark on what is going to be a fulfilling journey.
Both: We really talked about that we need to consult one another before a decision is made. We really learned how to actively listen to one another.