August 6th Nathan and Amanda – Colorado Springs, CO “Not only did we learn more about each other as a couple, but it prepared us for this lifelong commitment.”

Him: Definitely prepped me for marriage.  I enjoyed our instructor’s insights in every section-they were awesome. Definitely glad that this course is out there!!
Her: Loved this course! We learned so much about the sacrament of marriage, ourselves as individuals and ourselves as a couple. I am so thankful to have been given so much insight regarding marriage from this course.
Both: We both believe this course helped us to communicate better. It helped us learn more about our personalities and our communication styles. We both struggling with communicating openly, instead found ourselves bottling everything up inside and truthfully we don't know what challenges will come up in our marriage and being able to discuss these issues openly with each other is crucial. We have both been working towards this and definitely see an improvement.

August 7thMarco and Nancy – Los Angeles, CA “This course allowed me to renew my desire to get closer to God and His church.”

Him: I feel that the course is a very effective way to prepare couples who are seeking to the sacred covenant of marriage. The questions and information offered is very thought provoking and will help couples get to know each other spiritually. It does this by asking questions that are personal. This process offers the couple the opportunity to address a spectrum of topics and encourages self-reflection and growth by promoting communication. Additionally the feedback is very helpful. Not only is it insightful but also supported with many verses from the bible.
Her: I felt that the course touched on a lot of topics that are important for engaged couples and newlyweds to consider. This was especially the case in the latter lessons. I enjoyed getting personalized feedback on the responses and getting so many in depth explanations as well as links to other resources.
Both: Coming in to this course I feel that our communication was very strong; we also had clear goals for ourselves as a couple as well as expectations. This course allowed us to deepen our understanding of each other by allowing us to explore our standings on our catholic faith. We now understand each other more spiritually and feel more comfortable supporting our faith together. We also have a better understanding of the church predisposition of many modern issues and understand what it means to come together as a union. We understand our role as we join together in marriage and embrace this opportunity to get close to the church.

August 8th Joseph and Lauren – Edmonton, Alberta “They made me feel loved and that my thoughts and feelings were heard.”

Him: I really like it. It forced us to talk about how we can ensure God is at the forefront of our marriage and new family. We made a formal commitment to this in this course. I found the facilitators and links very helpful and informative.
Her: I thought it was good to speak about possible challenges and expectations in our relationship. It was important to start/strengthen an open line of communication that I hope we continue throughout our marriage. I really liked the kindness of the facilitators.
Both: Sometimes we don't communicate what we are thinking and/or feeling enough out of fear of starting an unnecessary argument. This showed us that keeping those thoughts and feelings secret can often be detrimental to the relationship. It showed us that we can have open communication without having an argument. It is important to have the Lord present in those conversations to ensure we're communicating with love and respect.

August 9th Eric and Katie – Golden, CO “I appreciated that our instructors often had tips from their own lives which they shared with us”

Him: I thought that this prep. course was better than I'd expected. I liked that it touched on a lot of different areas which could be potential "problem areas" moving forward. It spurred a lot of good conversations between me and my fiancé.
Her: I really enjoyed this class- we had a lot of good conversations and I think it helped both of us feel that we are really making the right choice about our marriage/partner!
Both: We like to think that we have pretty good communication already, but we definitely talked about things that we hadn't spent as much time on before.

August 10th Doyle and Sarah – Salina, KS “It helped bring me closer to God and his teachings.”

Him:It was a great experience! The course brought me and Sarah closer and it helped get us talking about several things that we hadn't thought of before. I believe it brought us closer not only to each other but with God as well!
Her:The prep was exactly what I was hoping it would be. It was a great chance for us to really develop our relationship with our faith before receiving the sacrament of Matrimony. It reminded me of how great our God is and how I will be forever thankful for each day he gives me.
Both:It improved our communication because now when we talk about things we can better see the others point of view and thier needs.