January 22nd Lacey and Natalie– Military Diocese“It sparked a lot of discussion and fruitful discussion for us.”

Him:It sparked a lot of discussion and fruitful discussion for us. And it touched upon a lot of potential conflicts in marriage that we were then able to discuss. I really appreciated that. 
Her: There were some questions that I did appreciate, that helped me to think more deeply. But I think what I thought was very good was that, although it was rather basic, was that it helped us to connect and build a foundation on those basics... 
Both:Some of the questions were actually pretty deep and helped us to think about things critically. We were able to identify some of the issues we might have and forced us to be very honest.

January 23rd Nicholas and Fabiana – Atlanta, GA “It's great to see how this marriage and course has been apart of God's plan.”

Him:This class was a much needed challenge for our relationship as it forced us to work together in discussions and planning for our future life together. After the courses, my confidence in our marriage and Gods plans have increased ten fold. I would definitely recommend this course.
Her:I think that this course is very useful. It helps couple to speak and analyze different themes in a deeply and serious way. It confirmed my belief in how amazing as gift life is and how we have to use to live in according of God's teaching.
Both:The Catholic faith teaches principles that are extremely different than our society. This course pushed us to discuss how we would live in society while upholding the Truth of the faith. Conversations such as these don't always happen naturally, but this course encouraged such conversations.

January 24th Zach and Liz – St. Louis, MO “This class reassured me that GOD is there for us in times of need and will always love us.”

Him:I feel like there was a lot of helpful lessons/advice that will help us out as married couple. Such as communications and family planning. Natural family planning lesson. It applies to everyone not just those in the Catholic faith and allows for the female of the relationship to not have to take mood/body altering drugs or use prophylaxis to prevent pregnant.
Her:I feel this prep was helpful for Zach and I to work together to answer questions related to common topics we will face a married couple. I feel like I learned many techniques for communication.
Both:It helped us that we were placing blame on the other when we were upset. Now when we are angry with each other we are able to communicate effectively.

January 25th Logan and Alicia – Detroit, MI “I appreciated hearing the personal experiences of our instructors and how they navigated their marriage.”

Him:I thought the course was good.  I liked the practical examples in life that they gave us, and I appreciated the insight and personal stories from our instructors. It revived my faith by bringing it back to the basics of what our faith is based on with the lessons on Adam and Eve.
Her:It renewed my desire to study scriptures more. It exceeded my expectations because of how Bible focused it was and how much interaction it felt like we had with our instructors, even though it was online.
Both:It opened up discussions about our faith and why we believe what we believe.  Also, it gave us good tools to communicate better with the active listening and "I messages" lesson.

January 26th Tyler and Haley – Denver, CO “It reminded me that marriage is the two of us becoming one, and that we must keep God in our life.”

Him: This prep was very informative. Before taking this class, I thought for sure that I was ready for marriage, but after going through it I found that there are many things that I had not asked myself or thought of in order to be truly prepared for marriage. Now I feel that I am truly ready for marriage. I appreciated learning what to expect with a catholic marriage since I am not catholic. I felt the class helped clear up some uncertainties that I had.
Her:I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot from it. I loved how it was a marriage prep/bible study mixed into one. It was really informative how marriage is stated in the bible and yet discussed issues with marriage in this day and age. It reminded me of God's love for us and how we need him in our daily lives. With him, all things are possible.
Both:Each week we truly opened up to each other and discuss our answers. This class gave us examples of how communication should be had within a marriage.