March 6th Alexander and Stephanie- Greensburg,PA “It showed me that marriage is not just a piece of paper.”
Him: There is so much more to preparing for a marriage than I had ever expected. But now that I have reviewed and studied God's Word about what marriage is supposed to be, I understand why there is so much work involved.
Her: These lessons have been amazing! I am so happy to have been able to participate in this course. I was hesitant to participate in an online model, but now I am so happy we did. It allowed Alex and myself to take our time and really talk out different perspectives on things.
Both: It made us talk about some topics that we had never discussed before due to them being out of our comfort zones or just never realizing the need to discuss.

March 7th Paul and Aryel- Denver, CO “It went to detail around spiritual communication that we might not have spoken about had we not had the prep class.”
Him: I thought it was good! They had a lot of good questions that made us think and talk about a lot of different issues, and not things that usually come up in a day-to-day setting so they really were deep thinking questions.
Her: I thought it brought up a lot of topics that we might not have otherwise thought much about, until they came up as issues. We had many conversations about what we were asked and about our answers. We looked at things we already thought we had decided on in a different light with this course.
Both: It helped remind us of how we need to speak to each other and that we need to talk about anything that is bothering us right away before it becomes a problem. We were also reminded that we can ask God and Jesus for help and that the Bible is a great place to turn for help.

March  8th Herman and Donna- Sacramento, CA “It reinforced values that are very important.”
Him: Very informative and helpful. Makes us answer tough questions and thinking deeply of the value and responsibilities of marriage.
Her: The prep brought me a lot of insight. There were a lot of things I didn't realize that should be part of a Catholic Marriage. I found it helpful to know tips on how to build our relationship with God, communication and ways to help a marriage last.
Both: It enhanced our communication from what we've learned already. We took a communication course several years ago through our medical provider. I still found it helpful to learn the tools you've provided.

March 9th Peter and Amanda- Santa Fe, NM “Every lesson was so informative and we were able to relate and use in our own relationship.
Him: My overall impression is that it was very satisfying and knowledgeable. I learned a lot. I would recommend this class to anyone seeking to get married through the Catholic Church. It made me want to take more time out and talk to God in more ways than before. It also helped me to understand the meaning of family and communication.
Her:  I believe this class took our relationship to a new level. I made sure to save all of our answer keys for future reference. I'm now more excited than ever to officially start our lives together! Thank you [our instructors] for being our mentors. Your love and knowledge helped us through this path.
Both:This class opened many doors for us. In fact, we are already using the "I messages". It was a great lesson.

March 10th Casey and Catherine- Sioux City, IA “Our instructors were willing to answer any questions and went above and beyond to do so.”
Him: This allowed me to do this on my own time and in my own thoughts. This way I could let her know how I felt about something and how we can go forward together. Helped me on my communication. Just further strengthened my thoughts of how God's view is on marriage.
Her: I agree with on our own time was fun. Writing letters is something we always did before being in a long distance relationship. It was fun to re live that and remember how special we are together. This was very informative and helped me see a different way to view marriage. The true test of what marriage is. [Our instructors] were willing to answer any questions and went above and beyond to do so.
Both: We communicate often, this helped us communicate without saying I in everything or You in a sentence. Helps us actively think how we can say what we are wanting to talk about or express, without it sounding demeaning or provoking an argument. We learned to listen first. Listen and talk with each other not at each other, and the power to forgive.