May 22nd Lewis and Jalissa- Harrisburg,PA “It helped us to delve deeper into our relationship.”

Him: I felt that this prep was very insightful for our future marriage. We have been dating for almost 7 years and thought we knew pretty much everything about each other but this prep helped us to delve deeper into our relationship especially in regards to our faith.
Her: I had a feeling that this prep would test our relationship with God as a couple. As we continued through the course I realized that Lewis and I had different perspectives on how we read things. This course helped us tackle the most important issues and understandings of marriage through our faith.
Both: This course helped us open up about tough discussions that needed to be surfaced, where we have different mindsets. We learned how to be proper, active listeners so that we understand how to compromise through our relationship. We appreciated the questions that made us actively discuss our individual answers but then come to a solidified response that entwined both of our opinions.

May 23rd Rodney and Krystle- San Francisco, CA  "The instructors were gracious and generous with their feedback.”

Him: This class opened up lines of communication between me and my partner that we’ve never explored before. It also really educated us on how God, Jesus Christ, and the Church are intertwined into our marriage. The course was extremely informative and the instructors were gracious and generous with their feedback. The course met my expectations.
Her: This class was an incredible journey. I feel more connected with my partner and with God than I did before. I am grateful to this class for opening up discussions between Rodney and I in which we might’ve not had. It exceeded my expectations. I was sitting in church yesterday reflecting on all the perspective this class has personally given to me and I was filled with so much gratitude for the opportunity to experience this with Rodney before we marry.
Both: It helped us explore ideas that we’d never thought about concerning our roles as man and wife both to each other and in the church. It also presented us with avenues of information that allowed us to see what we both believed and what we also may have a difference of opinion on.

May 24th Clint and Alexa – Lansing, MI “I felt like it was a great way for us to grow closer with each other but more importantly with God.”

Him: I really didn’t know what to expect but I think it went beyond what I would have imagined I would take away from this class. I think so because we have begun making more of an effort to pray and go to church together.
Her: We thought it would just be another class of telling us how to “survive” marriage but it was a lot more than that. It dove us deeper into our faith and that is very important as we prepare to enter marriage in the upcoming weeks.
Both: It got us communicating when our lives seemed to be getting too busy. It brought us back together and allowed us to grow deeper in faith and as a couple.

May 25th Samuel and Kelsey- Denver, CO “it was fulfilling to spend time discussing this mighty commitment to one another.”

Him: Marriage prep provided a unique opportunity for us to discuss the very diverse facets of our relationships and plans for the future. The questions provoked meaningful conversations for us that we will carry on beyond marriage prep.
Her: It was wonderful to have our instructors] guide us through our prep for our marriage. It took many of the conversations we have had to a deeper level and taught us not only the why of the ceremony itself but the history of marriage as a whole. We have put into practice many of the lessons we have learned here.
Both:The questions during each of the sessions required answers to move on. Beyond the session, the questions stuck with us and have led to deeper conversations about our relationships, plans for the future, communication, and more.

May 26th Emmanuel and Sophia- Sacramento, CA “It assured me that I have chosen the right person to share my life with.”

Him: I thought it was fantastic.  It really challenged us to think hard about our faith, our relationship, and our future.  Through the lessons and instructor feedback, we also gained new and deep insights into Church teachings that I previously never gave much thought to. The course gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the Church's teachings and how they are applicable to my everyday life and way of thinking. 
Her: This course was great. It helped us focus and discuss on important topics that are critical to building a good foundation for our marriage. The feedback was tailored making it feel truly personal. This course helped me to see how my faith permeates through my everyday life. Each day is an opportunity to practice my faith.
Both: It improved our communication in that it forced us to confront and answer a lot of difficult, personal questions together that we may have only talked about superficially in the past.