October 29th Kene and Esther – Atlanta, GA
“I enjoyed the fact that we could ask further questions if anything in the answer keys were not understood.”

Him: I appreciated the fact that there was no right or wrong answer. You were just encouraged to explore your thoughts, discuss them and put them down.

HerThe course forced us to be reflective and really think about why we are doing this.

BothWe also really appreciated our instructor’s dedication to helping us complete this.

October 30th Thomas and Emily – Lafayette, LA
“This course motivated me to get more involved in our parish and make our faith a larger part of our life as a married couple.”

Him: I appreciated the concrete ways for us to keep God as the focus of our marriage that were outlined in this course.

HerI feel like this course touched on so much of what makes a good marriage- awareness of one another’s expectations, certainty about the Church’s teachings on various issues, and practical ways to deepen our relationship. 

BothWe enjoyed the readings and the explanations provided in the answer keys. 


October 31st Jonathan and Rachel – Norwich, CT
“This course brought me closer to God and I truly appreciate that.”

HimThis really gave us the ability to discuss God and the Church.

HerI feel much more prepared for the sacrament of marriage, and I feel confident that God is with us. I am glad that I participated on this course.

BothIt will make us think about our decisions going forward and will maybe make us talk about more things in the future, also how to teach our future children as well.


November 1st Thomas and Melanie – Toledo, OH
“I felt that it brought us closer and it brought God more into our relationship.”

HimI appreciated getting to learn about the sacrament of marriage.

Her I really enjoyed it. The activities were helpful and helped us practice our communication skills in different ways.

BothWe appreciated learning about the sacrament of marriage, the different ways that we can communicate, and finding all the resources and tools that we can use throughout our marriage.


November 2nd Alex and Kristi – Sioux City, IA
“I learned about how my faith ties to marriage and the importance of faith within marriage.”

Him: The course is clearly well thought out and walks couples through a course that provides valuable information for their marriage as they move forward.

Her I felt like this prep prepared us for the Sacrament of marriage and equipped us with valuable information that we will need to prepare for our marriage and also after we are married.

BothI thought our instructors were great and were very timely in getting back to us.