December 13th Carson and Rochelle – Salina, KS“I learned a lot from this course that I never would have otherwise thought too much about.”

Him:I thought the online part was very easy to navigate and our sponsors got back to us very quickly and gave very good feedback that helped answer any questions that we had. I'm not a big fan of technology and online things but this was very user friendly. I liked how fast we got our answers back so that we could continue when we had the time to do so together instead of waiting around and not being able to when we had the time.

Her: I thought it was a good class and I got quite a bit out of it. I learned a lot and our responses were given back to us quick. I appreciated the in-depth answers because it felt like it was really directed towards us and not just a dry-cut answer. It showed me that God is the center of all things good and he needs to be the center of everything, marriage most important.

Both: It allowed us to talk about topics that we may have not otherwise ever talked about or even thought of talking about. It also taught us patience with each other.

December 14th Steven and Alisha – San Diego, CA “This course gave us a spiritual insight into daily life, and encouraged us to involve God in our daily activities, and to have faith as we proceed in life.”

Him:We liked the course. It was very educational and spiritual. It helped us to ask a few hard questions about ourselves and about each other, which was very good. I liked the scripture readings and educational videos from the guests. I liked how difficult topics like forgiveness, conscience, NFP were explained very well.
Her: I really enjoyed doing the course. It has helped me to understand more about marriage and to always keep Jesus as a center of the marriage. I am excited to start this journey. I am very thankful to acquire additional knowledge and guidance from [our instructors] who are very inspiring and great role models.
Both:It had made us aware of NFP, Financial planning, God’s Plan of Marriage. We had some good discussions and we both got an understanding of how to work things out well.

December 15th Bert and Laura – Fort Worth, TX “I really appreciated the explanation of love.”

Him:Absolutely enjoyed the entire process. I felt this programmed for us talking about things that are very valuable to a marriage and we would have never thought about talking about until the time came. Definitely believe this course will build a solid foundation for our marriage.
Her:I believe this course was very well organized. We received feedback in a very timely manner which was very appreciated. I also feel like we grew a lot from the discussions we had. There were some topics we did not talk about before and it was good because it forced us to have hard conversations. We truly thank you for your time and support. It revived my faith my finding a deeper connection to God. It gave me a better understanding of the magnitude of the sacrament of marriage.
Both:It made us a bit more open minded and allowed us to express ourselves a in a healthy way.

December 16th Denny and Karen – Baltimore, MD “This course made me excited to get married in the church, and I can't wait.”

Him:I enjoyed being able to take classes wherever I was. We both travel a lot and that makes in person classes so hard.  I worked on this course in San Francisco, CA; Baltimore, MD; and, Jacksonville, Florida. 
Her:Just like Denny I travel a lot, so it was nice to be able to print out the questions and work on them while I was on the move.  I would pass my answers to Denny when I would see him.  I worked on the courses in Indianapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. The course covered everything I expected it would.  We are on the move and it was nice to have the option to work on it when we could.
Both:It made us really have the conversation about how our shared religion will be 100% apart of our lives.

December 17th Nathan and Amanda – Sioux City, IA “I appreciated how in depth everything was to give me a better understanding about each lesson.”

Him:Overall, it helped me understand more about the Catholic faith and Catholic marriage. Gave good insights on how we can live a happy marriage. It revived us by helping us go to Church more often then we did and understand more about what is being preached while present there.
Her:I got into the class more than I thought I would.  It was interesting to go in depth about marrying into the Catholic church. There was a lot I didn't know and understand and at this point I have a better understanding of it all. It revived our faith.  We now go to church more often and understand the readings that are said at mass.  We now take the time each day to pray/talk to God.
Both:We were open and honest about each lesson and it brought us closer together in our relationship with each other and God.