March 11th Bryan and Katie – Norwich, CT
“It was good to learn how important communication is and realize the thing that matters the most, which is our marriage.”

Him: I found this course helpful in regards to providing different scenarios and perspectives for things that go on in marriage. 

Her: I appreciate being reminded God is good and that Bryan and I will be able to use the teachings from this course towards our marriage.

BothOur communication improved throughout this course and was beneficial because we were reminded we need to speak to each other with respect and be empathetic with one another. 

March 12th Preston and Haley – Denver, CO
“This course has helped our relationship blossom in unexpected ways.”

Him:I loved the section about forgiveness. It taught me how to open my eyes and my heart to my spouse. If anything were to come our way, I feel confident that we would be able to work through it.

Her I really enjoyed this course. I feel like I learned how to really think about things in a way that will always benefit my marriage.

Both: We feel confident in our communication abilities now! We feel we can always open up to each other in ways that we may have been afraid too before.

March 13th Adrian and Wendy – Sacramento, CA  
“I appreciated that although the course was online, it was very interactive.”

HimI appreciated that the course had videos in the sessions. I'm not a big reader myself but the videos helped me personally understand the sessions better.

Her I was impressed with the attention to details in the responses. When I had a question I kept reading and it would be answered! 

Both The course gave us better understanding our what our needs are and also a better understanding of how to treat one another.

March 14th Philip and Soumya – Grand Island, NE
“The course helped us to not only think about us but also plan for our future when we have children.”

Him:I thought the prep was very useful. It gave us a useful introduction to Catholic teaching on marriage. 

HerI appreciated doing the exercises together, and talking about things was probably the best part.

BothThe course forced us to talk about how we as a couple are going to handle different situations in our marriage.

March 15th Colby and Ashley – New Orleans, LA
“We have both learned a lot from this course and have grown closer to one another by participating in it together.”

Him: It was a great learning experience, and I've grown in multiple ways through what I've learned.

Her: I really appreciated the opportunity to read relevant texts that refreshed and supported what we have learned to be God's law and regulations of the Church.

BothThe course allowed us to set aside time to work on a common goal with one another.