December 23rd Alexander and Sara – Toronto, Canada
“The course met all of our expectations.”

Him: I appreciated the prompt feedback and attention to care and detail.It was valuable for us to receive such high quality feedback that could help us start our own journey.

Her: I absolutely loved working at our own pace. We have busy schedules, but we value the importance and necessity of this marriage preparation, so we were incredibly happy to find something to fit our needs.

BothStarting the conversation with God and the Church in mind helped orient us and give us quality opportunities to talk about our relationship to one another and with God. 

December 24th John and Ashley – Denver, CO  
“Effort and honesty was put into the answer keys.”

Him: My future spouse and I were able to talk about our religious beliefs and how they will impact our marriage.

Her: This preparation reminded us and educated us about the true meaning of the covenant of marriage and prepared us to bring God into our relationship as we become man and wife.

Both:  We enjoyed going through the majority of the links provided in the answer keys. It is difficult to capture all the helpful information within the assignments themselves and the links provided us the opportunity to continue our development as a couple.


December 25th Brendan and Sarah – Bridgeport, CT
“The course was wonderful.”

Him: This prep made me reexamine my thoughts on what marriage means to me, and what it means as it relates to our Catholic faith. 

Her: It was thorough, interesting and educational. I enjoyed the videos and different speakers. The layout of the course is nicely set up. It was also a great reminder of how important forgiveness and reconciliation are.

Both: We had an open conversation about NFP; something that we had not discussed before. We also found the answer keys very educational and they brought back teachings that we had learned as children in school.


December 26th Joshua and Salma – Los Angeles, CA
“I appreciated our instructors.”

Him: To me, this prep was really good. It helped us focus on information that one wouldn't normally think about.

Her:  I appreciated our instructor's friendliness, openness, efforts, and guidance. Without them, this course wouldn't have been as meaningful. 

Both: The course helped us talk over and discuss any differences we had and how to work them out.


December 27th Robert and Cristina – Madison, WI
“The course was very useful.”

Him:   It was nice to hear Church teachings that I had learned when I was in school that now were seen from adult eyes. This course re-enforced my Catholic values.

Her: Overall the course was good and sparked conversations between us that might not have happened otherwise. It also re-enforced the importance of God within our relationship.

Both: We took lessons from the active listening and the "I" message communication style.