December 30th Matthew and Alexandria – Harrisburg, PA
“The course taught us new things about the faith and marriage.”

Him: I am not Catholic, but the course showed me a different side to the Church that it's not about rules & laws, but that it’s meant to be there to brings us closer to Christ.

Her: The course brought us both closer in faith & understanding on the beauty of the Catholic Church with its views on marriage.

BothIt made us more aware of the expectations of marriage that it's not just about the two of us, it's also about Christ & that he has to be in the center of the marriage. It helps us as a couple be more understanding and patient with one another when we have differing views on something!


December 31st Louis and Cynthia – Denver, CO  
“The course brought a lot of clarity.”

Him: It was very informative and gave me great insight on the sacrament of marriage.At different stages across the course we were able to improve upon what we understood about marriage.

Her: This course definitely gave me much to consider and mull over. I enjoyed the reflective type questions.

Both:  This course helped bring us a lot closer, since we were able to share our thoughts openly with each other, without any hindrance.


January 1st Sean and Madelyn – Sacramento, CA
“I learned more than I thought I would.”

Him:  Since we both have busy schedules, I was appreciative that the course could be done at our own pace.

Her: This course was very well thought out, the sessions for the most part weren't too long so we could be fully invested. It was very informative on the history and used verses to support the teachings.

Both: It was a good reminder of the ways to communicate through potentially difficult situations. Really ensured we each knew what each person thought about God and importance of aspects of marriage.


January 2nd Timothy and Katherine – Phoenix, AZ
“The course helped us to be more open when discussing things.”

Him: This course really helped us become a stronger couple and even improve in areas we didn't know needed improvement.

Her: I definitely think we got more out of it than we thought we would. This course made me want to be closer to God and our community more than we already are.

Both: The feedback from our instructors was amazing. They went into great detail after reviewing our answers and this helped us understand every class on a deeper level.


January 3rd Jonas and Juliana – Minneapolis, MN 
“The course addressed aspects that we will encounter in married life.”

Him: This prep was nothing but awesome and we will cherish for the length of our marriage. It opened my mind into the depth of marriage of God's plan for us. 

Her: I appreciated the love letters that this course introduced us to. It was a forum through which I got to know much more about my spouse feelings and aspirations - we got to communicate more and bond.

Both: It was a blessing to register for this prep. It was the best thing that happened to us in our preparation for holy marriage. We spent a lot of time together on this prep and it increased our knowledge of what we are undertaking.