March 7th, Justin and Ashley, Sioux City, IA: "Online was a great option!”
Him: It really helped us bond over our faith. It helped that we could do it around our work schedules.
Her: It really explained how Catholics view marriage and helped us understand God's love of us through marriage.  
It was a great learning tool, I really enjoyed the freedom of doing it on our own time.

March 8th , Erik and Amanda, Colorado Springs, CO:  "We learned to listen to each other much better with patience and kindness.
Him:This prep was great and furthered not only my communication and relationship with my future spouse, but also with God.
I was extremely impressed with the thought provoking questions.

Her:This class was extremely helpful and touched on many topics that will help my relationship with God and marriage.
Both:The feedbacks from the teachers were excellent!

March 9th Jonathan and Jennifer,Detroit, MI :  "Your feedback was very positive and instructional without being demeaning.”
Him:  I thought the course was great! I have learned a lot about God, the church, Catholic marriage as well as each other. 
Initially I was nervous about how my views would be perceived however I felt your feedback was very positive and instructional without being demeaning.
Her: I really liked the course. I learned a lot about my faith and how it directly influences my marriage.
It was a lot of information however it gave us so many references to go back to in the future as well.

Both: I believe it improved our communication because we were able to discuss very deep beliefs, no matter how different or uncomfortable they were.
After 10 years, nothing is new between us however I don’t think we ever had such spiritual conversations as deep and passionate as we did while taking this course. 

March 10th Andrew and Katelyn,Pittsburgh, PA: “the answer keys were very specific to the couple"
Him: I thought this course was professional, on time, and supportive. I also thought that the answer keys were very specific to the couple.
Her:I thought that this course did a great job at leading us towards marriage and reminding us of the real reasons behind marriage that often get forgotten about in the stress of planning
Both: our instructors were wonderful instructors who made this process more enjoyable.
They were very thorough and personal in their answers which made it more enjoyable for us to read their feedback.
Overall, the course was informative and we would recommend it to other couples.

March 11th Michael and Caroline, North Bern, NC:  "Really liked the wide variety of subjects and the support by Church teaching” 
Him: Positive and thought-provoking! 
It brought to light many subjects and questions about marriage and our faith that led to meaningful discussions.
We particularly learned a lot from the last session. It helped us learn more about how to discuss topics before they become bigger issues.

Her:I really like the wide variety of subjects and the support by Church teaching that was shown through excerpts from Scripture and the Catechism. 
Both:Thank you for all of your help! Please pray for us in these last few weeks! We will be praying for you all, too. We are so grateful for you, your family, and your ministry. Thanks again and God bless!!