August 19th Robert and Sandra – Military
“The course opened our eyes to many things.”

Him:I thoroughly enjoyed how in depth the lessons went and how the instructors' responses to our answers led to an even further discussion.

Her:  The course brought us back to reading the Scripture and discussing what we took away from it.  It also renewed our interest to regularly go to Church.

BothThe course led to some deep discussions and forced us to reengage on some conversations we've had in the past, but moved on from. 

August 20th Austin and Natalie – Colorado Springs, CO
“This course allowed for an intake of a wide variety of information.”

Him: I appreciated learning about what we can expect to see "post marriage". This is because we often get wrapped up in just the wedding and don't really think about much after that. 

Her: The course did a great job explaining some of the key concepts of marriage with the videos and passages that we had to read.

Both:  The course opened up the door for us to talk about several other things that we hadn't thought about.


August 21st Mark and Jessica – Denver, CO
“I think the course was great.”

Him: I liked the love letters. I'm not the best at communicating my feelings at all times so it was a fun exercise to put it all out there on paper.

Her: I appreciated the thoroughness of each activity and the insight-fullness they forced us to have.

Both:The course created an environment for us to really dive in on each topic and to understand each others perspectives.


August 22nd Nicholas and Abigail – Lafayette, LA
“We loved writing the love letters.”

Him: The course was really helpful. It helped us connect with each other at a different level. 

Her:  This was such a great experience for both of us and growing stronger together as a couple and children of God. I honestly feel like I grew so much in my faith taking these classes.

BothOur communication did improve because we were able to really dig deep and talk about things we never really talked about before in our relationship that we even thought about talking about. 


August 23rd Cameron and Kerry – Manchester, NH
“We really learned a lot from this course.”

Him: I enjoyed this course a lot. It was very eye opening to me with all of the course material. The feedback was just what I needed as well.

Her: This course helped me to remember that as long as I always put God first - Cam and I will have a happy and successful marriage.

Both:  This course helped our communication tremendously! It was so much fun to have these conversations about the "what ifs" in our future marriage. It was great to see where both of our expectations and what our visions of our future look like.