February 19th Trustin and Allison – Colorado Springs, CO“This course revived my faith by bringing my husband and I closer together in a religious way.”

Him:This prep course allowed us to get to know one another even better even though we've been together for 15 years and married for nearly 8 years. We were able to have a deeper understanding of the role of God in our marriage.I appreciated the depth of the questions provided; it allowed me to reflect on my understanding and beliefs of Christ and also learn more about my wife's beliefs.
Her: This course was very informative and often fun. It allowed for great discussions between my husband and I and a deeper understanding of our faith. I most appreciated learning the "why" behind many of the Catholic teachings on marriage and family planning.
Both:This course revived my faith by bringing my husband and I closer together in a religious way.

February 20th Chase and Mary – Palm Beach, FL “It has made me more interested in God and becoming closer with my faith.”

Him:This course helped me learn more about Mary that I might not of learned before we got married.
Her:I learned a lot from this class and it refreshed a lot from what I learned years ago but had forgotten. I appreciate the time we spent together doing these courses and the final courses that were more geared to us and our future.
Both:We have always had a very good communication but this course opened us communicating more about religion and life choices of that aspect.

February 21st Dean and Sherley – St. Louis, MI “The course definitely gave me additional insight on how the church views marriage”

Him:It was a very comprehensive and complete overview of the Catholic teachings of marriage, and also a good primer on the challenges of marriage in everyday life, and how to address them in an honest manner. I appreciated that each lesson focused on a different aspect of marriage, and really got into real life scenarios where those aspects would be highlighted and challenged in a marriage.  It helped focus my attention on each lesson, rather than jumping around from topic to topic.
Her:The preparation was really useful.  It helped us think about important manners in and about marriage that normally people wouldn't talk about.  It is a good process to have as a couple who is heading towards this sacrament. What I liked the most is that it gives you some thinking about specific things that are important for getting along together in the future, like raising children, the role of each person in the marriage, and the importance of talking about it before marrying.  It is getting ready for the possible future conflicts that you can face as a couple.
Both:In discussing the questions before we submitted and discussing the answers together after receiving them, it really brought us closer as a couple.  We were able to get on the same page on a lot of critical issues, and discuss differences as a mature couple.  The questions asked as part of this course are very important for every engaged couple to discuss, and this course definitely helped us communicate more as a result.

February 22nd Robert and Kaitlynn – London, Ontario “I appreciated the personalized, thorough and THOUGHTFUL answers by our instructors.”

Him:I found this course to be a positive experience, full of informative and important information that I can come back to in the future. It informed me of many new factors surrounding marriage and many potential hardships AND positive aspects that we can expect from marriage. This course made me want to go to church more often and it has made me see the importance of raising my children in the faith.
Her:It was interesting to get a better idea of the catholic viewpoint on many of the topics covered in this course.
Both:It allowed us to sit down and communicate about a common goal, to understand one another needs, wants and opinions.

February 23rd Doug and Ann – Arlington, VA “I learned so much about the Catholic Church and its beliefs and I feel like this class sparked me to continue to learn about Catholicism.”

Him: This class exceeded my expectations. Joy and I both learned a lot and we had fun together going through each section. Some of the questions were challenging, but we found that to be a good thing because we had to put our heads together to come up with a good answer.
Her: This prep was great because it sparked so much positive discussion between us. I would recommend it to any engaged couple because it not only covers the importance of our relationship with Christ, but it also covers real world issues that couples struggle with.
Both:A lot of the topics that came up allowed us to dig deep and really think about and discuss our beliefs. For instance, we spent a great deal of time talking about and reading more about NFP after that lesson. That was something we had not discussed much at all in our past and we think it will be very important for our future.