November 6th Jared and Ashley – Baltimore, MD“The sections that stimulated unique in depth discussions that we would not have otherwise had definitely met my expectations.”

Him: Very informative in terms of the belief systems of the Catholic church. It did provide some great talking points and led to some great discussion on certain topics. It exceeded my expectations in many ways.
Her: This preparation covered many different aspects of marriage and the catholic church. The sections where we discussed in depth relationship expectations were very helpful in guiding and inspiring discussions between myself and Jared.
Both: Discussed topics we normally would never have had discussions on. More open to talking out difficult questions. We loved hearing about [our instructors] their journey as a couple as well as in the catholic church. We are excited to move forward in our journey and continue preparing for an amazing marriage together.

November 7th Alex and Dannielle – Fort Collins, CO “The class revived my faith by reminding me of what is important and the teachings of the Church.”

Him: I felt the course was a good balance in review on some past topics as well as allowed for opportunity to learn new materials as well as growth areas discussed during the feedback sessions. The course also allowed for us to work on a timetable the fit our complicated schedule so we could complete the course together as a couple.
Her: I thought the prep covered a wide range of topics that sparked good discussions and helped us grow closer before our marriage. It helped to continually remind us of the true reason and purpose for our marriage and facilitated good discussions about our future and our lives together. 
Both: The content of the lectures and scriptural readings allowed us to have ongoing conversations about the different topics outside of the virtual "classroom" environment. These ideas and directions sparked an ongoing dialogue that we both could share.

November 8th Kevin and Caitlyn – Memphis, TN “I feel like God was with us while we worked together on these worksheets.”

Him: The course reminds us of what's important in marriage and WHY we get married. God is and should be the center of all that we do. I cannot wait to be the man God wanted me to be for my wife and future kids and I cannot wait to have a faithful, holy marriage to please God.
Her: I loved this prep. I learned so much more about WHY the church teachings what it does and how all the different parts play one role together in the end. I loved how it broke everything down into simple easy to follow steps and explained everything so well. This prep definitely made me even more excited to start my marriage journey and invite Christ into our lives along the way.
Both: We sat down with each other during each worksheet and really talked about what the scripture passages meant and were able to ignite certain conversations we had never gone into depth over. We both saw sides of each other and new love for God we have never seen before. This is definitely the beginning of a wonderful journey of life together! We are so excited!!

November 9th Andrew and Courtney – Detroit, MI “It made us think deeper about things we normally would not thing about.”

Him: It was informative and we learned a lot and it made us communicate well together face to face. We talked about things we likely would not have if we did not take the course. The conversations that we had we very intimate and that was nice to communicate in that way because we normally do not.
Her: It was great! Very detailed feedback was provided and the information was very thought provoking and has prepared us for our marriage and what we have to look forward to as well as what we will work at. It is always good to have an outside view of what we can expect in our future and how we can try to solve the issues that may come up and how to remain faithful and live our lives through God.
Both: It improved our communication because we were open and honest with each other even if they were difficult conversations. We got our thoughts out so we can understand each other and what our expectations will be in married life.

November 10th Steve and Amberly – San Juan Bautista, NM “I appreciated that it brought us closer together.”

Him: I really enjoyed the prep because it helped us to gain a deeper understanding with one another and our marriage. it made me think a lot more about or faith and did renew our desire to get closer to god we have be also getting the holy family delivered to us once a mouth and pray to as a family we also talk about the bible and the word of the Lord.
Her: I enjoyed the prep because, well I am new to the Catholic faith and it was meant a lot and was really helpful for me to gain a deeper insight.It made my faith that much stronger I recently did my confirmation and felt close with God and Steven supported me every step and attend every class as a refresher for himself and also to feel closer to God. I think it made our relationship stronger with having taken those class and these lessons we have be attending church and talk about the gospel.
Both: It did improve our communication because we were able to share ideas and perspectives.