January 1st Ashton and Emily – Omaha, NE“This helped me to remember God should be at the center of our relationship because God has a bigger plan for us.”

Him:My biggest take away was the birth control and NFP discussion as it opened my eyes and informed me of the whole process. I had no knowledge prior, and NFP is something that we are going to pursue.
Her: I was very hesitant about this course at first, but it turned out to be a very helpful course to prepare us for marriage. It opened up discussions that we had not thought of and helped us grow in our faith life and become closer to God. I am so glad we took it and learned so much, we have never been more confident in our faith and relationship.
Both:We have many good talks throughout this course. Communication has always been a strength of ours, so we are continuously looking for ways to keep that strong and how to prevent/handle conflicts in the future.

January 2nd Philip and Roksolana – Toronto, Ontario “It helped me learn about how our faith and marriage correspond.”

Him:My overall impressions of this preparation have been really happy the lessons were very informative with good content. I also really liked the feedback from the instructors and found it helpful in areas that may have also been not so clear.
Her:I am very happy we decided to enroll in this course our instructors were great with their feedback and I enjoyed further exploring the topics we covered with the links provided in the assignment answer keys.
Both:The course covered topics that we missed or never talked about. It also allowed us to look at his point of view and her. We were able to listen to each other answers and opinion on these topics which really helped demonstrate a good communication method.

January 3rd Brad and Timarie – Philadelphia, PA “It enlightened me more about the faith.”

Him:Very insightful and it helped me to really think about how much of a commitment we are really making and thinking about this commitment through the laws and ideas of the church and through what God has said. It has shown me more of the importance of some little, yet monumental things we can do as a couple to make sure we have a true and happy marriage together.
Her: It was eye-opening for us as a couple and forced us to give light and to think about what we really want out of our marriage and what we can do and commit to contribute to our happiness in our marriage, which includes keeping the faith close and to look to God through more prayer; making sure to attend church weekly.
Both: The courses acted as an example to us as to WHAT we can communicate about to improve our relationship and lead to a healthy happy marriage, and it simply forced us to communicate on these things.

January 4th Joseph and Megan – Duluth, MN “You have given us encouragement for our marriage and we look forward to our life together!”

Him:I have been very impressed and surprised by the content and amount of info that I have learned.  It has been very informative, practical and challenging.  I liked the mentorship from you both [our instructors].
Her:There was a lot more information than I was expecting. Additionally, each of the lessons had an answer key that went more in depth than I expected. I was happy that all of the content was so scripturally based and had good rationale for the explanations. I learned a lot in this course and was not expecting to learn as much as I did.
Both:It gave us some important topics to discuss with a solid Christian perspective and scripture to consider in our conversations. The information on the answer keys was an useful tool to go more in depth with our thinking and conversations for each topic. We both feel we learned a lot about ourselves and each other in that process as a result.

January 5th Adam and Emily – Saint Louis, MO “I feel this process has brought me closer to God and has created a new relationship with Christ.”

Him:I think it is an effective tool for preparing couples for what lies ahead in marriage. It was especially convenient considering our unique geographical relationship and schedules. 
Her:A great way to prepare for marriage and become closer to Adam. It was great to get an in depth marriage preparation that worked with our schedules and our long distance relationship. 
Both:It helped us discuss things that we may not have otherwise talked about.