January 29th Andy and Charlee – Sacramento, CA“It caused us to communicate on a deeper level and helped us grow.”

Him:I really think this prep helped us out a lot it made us open our eyes on topics we been talking about and didn’t really know the answer until we came across it in this course.I appreciate the wise words from our teachers and from the passages from the Bible.
Her: I plan on solidifying our relationship with Christ as a couple; praying with each other, going to church together, and by picking passages in the bible to further explore and discuss.
Both:This course brought up a lot of topics that we had not yet discussed and this course gave us the tools to openly discuss some difficult topics.

January 30th Pat and Emily – Arlington, VA “I thought the class was well-organized and the different topics seemed appropriate.”

Him:The class was thorough and encompassed many topics beyond just Church teaching such as managing healthy relationships. I appreciate the hard work you do to put the course together. It was good for me to review some of the Church’s teachings on these issues as it’s been a long time since I have covered them. The course also brought to light some things I hadn’t considered before and stimulated conversation with Emily.
Her:I appreciated learning more about the conservative Catholic Church’s view of marriage and many social issues related to marriage.
Both:The course required Pat and I to spend some time every week talking about our marriage, our goals, and our beliefs. Because we did not have a specific need to do this previously, we often did not. In that way, the course made us communicate more about our marriage and relationship in advance of our marriage which was very beneficial.

January 31st Zach and Anastasia –Indianapolis, IN “I appreciated the detail of each section and how well open-ended discussion questions were presented.”

Him:Overall, the course was great for our situation. We live about 1000 miles apart, and were still able to work on the sections together on Skype. The integration of scripture, outside sources (YouTube, pdf’s, etc.) and the feedback from a real-life married Catholic couple made this course a great source of marriage prep for our long-distance relationship.
Her:Most appreciated the time to have deep conversations and ask each other the most important questions. It gave me the confidence to ask him about things I may not have otherwise, and to share things I didn’t know how to share beforehand.
Both:It madediscussing important things easier as it provided good starting points. Sometimes it can feel out of the blue to bring up certain things, or the time is just not right. It provided a good space for serious discussions and vulnerability.

February 1st Trenton and Carly – Alberta  “This was such a great learning experience for us and we will definitely recommend this program to our friends.”

Him:I had a really great experience with this course, we got to know some more about each other and also build on some things from before. I enjoyed each module and grew some more within my own and our faith.
Her:I really enjoyed the marriage prep. I learned a lot of new things over the past three months. I learned new things about each other discussing things and building on things have we have talked about before. And also seeing a new side of one another. It helped me get closer to God by learning new things and how God is someone that we can turn to in times of struggle, if we need guidance, or simply someone to talk too.
Both:We looked and talked about things in a whole new perspective and we learned new ways on how to properly communicate and how to listen.

February 2nd Gerald and Nicole – San Francisco, CA “The posed questions and some of the reading material prompted some natural discussions between the two of us.”

Him: I wasn't really sure what to expect before we started the course but I thoroughly enjoyed taking the assignments with Nicole. It allowed us to talk about certain subjects we haven't talked about before as a couple and that was refreshing. I really like the assignments and how they help us to practice being better partners to one another as well as help us get closer to God.
Her:I appreciate the conversations that I had with Gerald during the lessons. The posed questions and some of the reading material prompted some natural discussions between the two of us. It brought me back to my catholic school days, triggered some good memories, and made me want to go back and learn more about God and the Bible.
Both:The course allowed us to have honest conversations about things that we had never really discussed in detail. It helped us take a deeper dive into where we are as individuals and how we see ourselves together going into marriage.