December 18th Thomas and Gabriela- San Antonio,TX “This course reminded me just how important my faith is to me and how much I want it to be a part of my future.”
Him: I enjoyed the course because it was interesting, informative, and I learned a lot more than I expected.  It was an easy to use system and the courses were really interesting.I really appreciated that the course was very easy to use and worked well for Cristina and my time differences.
Her: I greatly appreciated that we were able to complete this course at our convenience. With the distance and 6 hour time difference, I was very thankful that we could do the course as it fit in our schedule and didn't have to worry about managing his, mine, AND the sponsor couple's schedules.
Both: Neither one of us were hesitant about sharing our innermost thoughts with one another, but this course definitely made us feel more comfortable doing so.

December 19ht Andrew and Lauren- Baton Rouge, LA “I feel much more prepared for our future as man and wife and look forward to see what the future holds.”
Him: t put a light into our eyes as to how much we are not practicing our religion as well as being active in the church. I appreciated that we dealt with the same couple the entire course. We were able to connect with them because of it.
Her: It revived my desire to get closer to God and His Church. I have been active in the Church before, and this course reminded me of all the things I loved about having a close relationship with God. I appreciate the conversations this course encouraged Andrew and I to have. They may not have been the most comfortable, but they were real and necessary before our marriage.
Both: It most definitely improved our communication. We have discussed a lot of things as a couple, but communication is always something that can be worked on and improved. The topics discussed most definitely encouraged a deeper level of communication between us.

December 20th Federico and Silvia- London, UK “We are very happy with the outcome and will revisit the learnings on a regular basis, as they are useful for a lifetime.”
Him: I found this preparation course very useful. It made us reflect a lot and it made us discussing more deeply than what we had done before, on important matters related to marriage and love life. I found the teachings useful in our everyday life. It was hard work...but very it was very worth!
Her: Very well organized and full of both theoretical and practical insights that enriched our knowledge about Christianity, love, marriage and life. We also found that our relationship strengthened due to this course, as we learned very practical tools to work on the important issues that form a successful and happy marriage.
Both: We really appreciated a lot the exercise about communication and the text with practical tools to communicate better. We found that they are extremely helpful not only to communicate to each other, but also to apply in other situations in life, e.g. at the work environment. We will be revisiting the text very often and continue applying the learnings throughout our entire life and circumstances, as we believe the more we practice, the more natural it becomes.

December 21st Jonathan and Elizabeth- Estes Park, CO “I got more out of it than I was expecting.
Him: I like that it had a vast variety of things it covered. I like how it brought in the foundations of the religion.It made me remember things about my faith that I have forgotten in the past.
Her: It covered a lot of different areas and our instructors took time to respond to us individually.It focused on aspects of the teachings that will apply to us as a married couple.
Both: We have talked more in depth about some of the topics that we had only briefly talked about. We learned more about active listening and conflict resolution. Those tools have helped our communication!

December 22nd David and Emily- Pensacola, FL “This course reminded us to keep God at the center of our lives”
Him: I am impressed with this prep. It has done a great job for us. It showed us that we need to continue to keep God number one in our relationship and that we need to always look to Him.
Her: I was surprised how much David and I talked during and after each lesson. We really took this seriously and had so many great in depth discussions about God and our marriage expectations. I loved doing this. I constantly think about how important David is to me, but I don't actively think about how important God and Christ are to me like I should. This course reminded me of what is the most important center of our individual cores as well as the core of our relationship.
Both: It lead us to answer questions and discuss topics together that we have not encountered yet. We know that we cannot hide anything from each other and that is important that we always remain open with each other and with God.