January 1st Derrick and Amanda- San Francisco,CA   "I loved it. It really got into the most important issues and still had that personal touch.”
Him: This prep was great. Amanda and I have had the openness to discuss our issues and concerns while joining in our agreements. I really liked the references to scripture and how it affects many relationships. I also loved how open Amanda and I were, I felt it brought us closer as a couple.
Her: I loved that it got the conversation going between us on important issues. I really feel that it brought us closer to each other and closer to God.
Both: It absolutely improved our communication. We were able to talk more deeply and intimately with one another about important issues, like our family life and past relationships. It truly allowed us to open up our hearts to each other and trust that God was leading our conversations and guiding us toward a closer relationship.

January 2nd  David and Juliana- Colorado Springs, CO  “I found that this class brought not only David and I together but it also brought us closer in our relationship to God.”
Him:  think this prep was very insightful and informative and has definitely opened my eyes to things I never knew about the Catholic Church. What I appreciated the most was learning about Jesus Christ and how he sacrificed himself for our sins; also that Jesus loves us for who we are regardless what we've done in our past. Furthermore, I also appreciated learning about NFP and the bad side effects of contraception. I think moving forward with NFP will lead to a healthier marriage and lifestyle for the both of us.
Her: I thoroughly enjoyed this prep as it forced us to think of new subjects within the Catholic Church and how we would better our marriage. It also strengthened our communication and helped us to start gathering tools to help us within our marriage during troubling times.
Both: We believe that the process of the course helped improved our communication because we are now able to communicate on a spiritual level and in turn has strengthen our bond as a couple. Moreover, we are laying a firm foundation for our future when we have kids and to teach them the Catholic faith.

January 3rd Donald and Amber- Sioux City, IA  “I learned a lot more than what I thought I would.”
Him: It revived my faith. I have been raised Catholic but have never really looked at the marriage aspect of the Catholic religion. So it helped me to learn more about what God has really intended marriage to be.
Her: I liked it, I think it brought up important topics to talk about that most couples normally don't talk about. Very good tool for learning more about your partner.
Both: It has definitely improved our communication by giving us some of the tools to communicate effectively and become better listeners to each other. It also brought up topics that we have never really gone into to much depth about before and this allowed us to talk about it openly. It has also helped Donnie to open up more in knowing that your relationship is a lot healthier when you have effective communication.

January 4th Mark and Mary- Baton Rouge, LA  “We both really opened up in ways we never have before and we learned new things about each other.
Him: I liked that it inspired the conversations we grew to have and expanded on conversations that had been ongoing. It prompted us to discuss at length some pretty important things.
Her: I most appreciated learning about marriage as a sacrament. I never knew a lot of the background to it and it made me even more excited to get married. It made me reflect much more on how God needs to be, and will be, an integral part of our marriage. Wedding planning is a lot of work filled with unimportant details and it was wonderful to get a reality check and refocus myself on what is most important. I am paying attention now and can see how God is working in our lives.
Both: It put difficult subjects out into the open. Some subjects were previously difficult for us to talk about but in the context of the course, it made it easier to discuss and to come to an agreement.

January 5th Josh and Marisol- Tucson, AZ  “It revived my faith by making me feel like God's intentions for our love is truly to make us stronger and build us as one whole in life although we are two beings.”
Him: This course was more than I expected, I only expected this to be a plan for our marriage but It also showed me ways that we can build our future as well, how we can avoid having problems with each other and always cherish our love.
Her: My overall impression is that it has very good information that every Catholic couple who is getting married should know. This prep fully prepares couples getting married by Church by teaching essential things for a marriage such as what is NFP and how to include God into your marriage.
Both: We talked more on things we did not discuss before, we learned more of our purpose with marriage and it only made us feel stronger for each other knowing that we felt the same and agreed with each other in all aspects of marriage.