September 10th Michael and Luisa – Roswell, GA

“I liked all the different ways that (our instructors) taught us more about love, religion, and concepts of married life.”

Him:The prep was great! I learned a lot of things that I will implement in the marriage.
Her: I appreciated the sessions that made us reflect about our relationship, and how we are looking to grow as a couple.
Both:It improved our communication with each other; we had deep conversations and learned a lot about each other.

September 11th Joe and Allison – Kansas City, KS

“ I appreciated the Love Letters”

Him:I think one of the more beneficial courses was the one that emphasized finances.
Her:I think this was structured in a great way to facilitate conversation around the topics we needed to speak more on.
Both:This definitely strengthened our relationship and helped us go into marriage on the same page!

September 12th Ricky and Jazmin – Sacramento, CA

“I thought this class made us even more prepared to enter Marriage, along with the happiness, challenges, and celebrations beyond it.”

Him: It made us think further into this and talk about important situations and ideas.
Her:These courses made me remember all the love and passion I had for serving God.
Both: It helped us to be more open and vulnerable with each other.

September 13th Andrew and Malia – New Orleans, LA

“Very thoughtful and helpful feedbacks from the instructors.”

Him:(The class) was especially good at prompting and facilitating conversations between us about (our) faith, plans, expectations, and goals.
Her:The course was more thorough and interactive than expected
Both:Allowed us to identify our strengths and weaknesses both as individuals and a couple so that we can improve our relationship with each other and Christ. 

September 14th Brandon and Tya – Ontario, Canada 

“(the course) actually went beyond expectations. I think it should remain mandatory for Catholics to be married”

Him: I feel like a have a deeper understanding of what marriage is, and I now have to tools to ensure mine is successful.
Her: I felt the course on the dangers of birth control, and natural planning to be extremely helpful. 
Both: It has given us confidence we can deal with issues in the future.