April 25th Ben and Christy – Memphis, TN  “It showed us how to get our point across without arguing...”
Him:I thought it was a very detailed and an informative class. I learned things I wasn’t aware about my catholic faith.
Her: The class was excellent! I would recommend this course to everyone I know even those who are not of the catholic faith. It brings up questions and ideas that every couple needs to think about before getting married.
Both: It improved our communication by showing us how to get our points across without arguing which ultimately brought us closer together. It created open communication on topics we never thought about discussing.

April 26th William and Alison- Boulder, CO  “I thought this course was very good and thorough”
 I thought this course was very good and thorough. I liked the format of working with another couple in the community.
Her:I really enjoyed the class. I felt that it was really valuable to have the opportunity for Billy and I to come together to work on the assignments, and give thoughtful consideration to the Sacrament of our marriage. It was especially nice that we were in the midst of RCIA while we were doing the class. It gave us an opportunity to reflect on the relevance of what we were learning in that class, and how it related overall to this course.
Both:  We will continue to attend Mass weekly, and will be signing up to volunteer with the church as well. We have also discussed looking into opportunities to volunteer.

April 27th Dan and Kimberly- Vincentown, NJ  “This made our bond grow that much stronger”
 I thought it was very helpful and I learned more about my partner.                                                               
I agree it was a very fun and insightful course! I loved our conversations that were brought up because of it.
Both:  It made us talk about subjects that we would not have brought up on our own. When we did talk about them we found out that we share the same views on almost everything. This made our bond grow that much stronger. 

April 28th Vincent and Katherine - Denver, COThe connections made between the bible, the sacraments, and the Church, were very impactful.”
Him: Thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the conversations that Kate and I were able to have together.
Her:  I was very pleased with the course. I thought the connections made between the bible, the sacraments, and the Church, were very impactful and memorable.
Both: We thought the course sparked lots of good conversation about what is expected of each of us in marriage and what is to be expected throughout marriage.

April 29th Derek and Taylor – Annapolis, MD  “Great information to help us build a strong Christ-centered marriage”
It was eye opening for me to get to see the aspects of the Catholic Church that I wasn't aware of and how it's so important to keep God in our relationship.
Her: I really liked it. We got to sit down and talk about a lot of stuff that I was aware of before the prep but in much greater detail. It really applied to real life and I think it contained great information to help us build a strong Christ-centered marriage.
Both: We really enjoyed this course and appreciated your insight and knowledge!