September 30th Clay and Anne Marie – Lafayette, LA
“The course gave us great advice.”

Him: Having flexibility on completing the course made a huge difference in our busy schedules, but it also gave us the opportunity to purposefully schedule, slow down, and sincerely discuss each assignment.

Her:  I thought the class was a great opportunity to set time aside for us to work specifically on getting closer during our engagement.

BothIt gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at the marriage/family specific scripture, which helped us put our relationship in a biblical perspective.


October 1st Matt and Kristin – Fort Worth, TX 
“The course helped spark different conversation that we hadn’t discussed before.”

Him:  We got a lot of good information that will definitely help us in our walk with the Lord and our walk together.

Her: The course helped me understand more of the Catholic perspective. It reinforced my love for the Lord.

Both:  I am happy that we took this course. We learned a lot of tools that will help us through marriage and will help us putting God first in our marriage and family.


October 2nd Garlo and Dana – Phoenix, AZ
“We didn’t expect the course to be so interactive.”

Him:  I appreciated discussing how important communication in a marriage is.

Her: There were many things we had not thought of and it was great to look at the meaning of marriage more in depth through the course.

Both:  The topics brought up many great discussions for us to think and talk about.


October 3rd Brennan and Madison – Baton Rouge, LA
“The course renewed my desire to get closer to the Church.”

Him: The course has great lessons, gave us conversation that wouldn’t typically be brought up.

Her:  I thought it was a great program in preparing us for marriage.

BothJust by setting aside time to think, process, and then respond, the course helped our communication. It also gave us tools to help us in daily communication.


October 4th Michael and Romyna – Fresno, CA
“The course helped us approach new topics as a couple.”

Him: I enjoyed the course and liked that I was able to give my point of view in different topics as Romyna and me talked.

Her: This is a very good course because it helps to go more deeply into what a Catholic marriage truly is.

Both: This course can help many couples to know more about what is the Sacrament of Matrimony.