September 23rd Matt and Colleen – St. Louis, MO
“The course is fantastic!”

Him: The course helped us prepare for marriage but also have very intimate conversations on our own time.

Her:  I realize the importance of God in our marriage more after taking the course. Overall, it was a great experience.

BothIt has been nice to process the information on our own time and really work together on the course.


September 24th Blas and Courtney – Atlanta, GA
“The course helped us understand more of the Church’s teachings.”

Him: It was much more in depth and intense than I thought it was going to be but in a positive way.

Her: This program taught me so much about the sacrament of marriage and it was the most in depth thing I had ever learned about the church, definitely more than I expected.

Both:  We enjoyed learning what certain bible verses say and then finding out they mean something completely different thanks to the context given to us by the instructors.


September 25th Eric and Romania – San Diego, CA
“The course gave us some tools to help guide us in our marriage.”

Him:  I enjoyed the course, it allowed us to complete the course in our schedule and take the time to really discuss and reflect in the answers.

Her: The course brought up things that we haven't discussed yet; we learned how the church and our faith will help us to have a loving and successful marriage.

Both: We feel that after the course our intimacy grew. We touched thoughts and emotions that we never talked about before.


September 26th Dave and Krista – Pittsburgh, PA
“The course helped us feel more prepared for our marriage.”

Him: It was a good experience...really helped us think through and discuss some things we hadn’t yet especially in regards to our faith and how it should be a part of our marriage.

Her:  I appreciate that we were able to work at our own pace throughout the course. 

BothThe course challenged us to think through important topics as we prepare for marriage. 


September 27th Robert and Britt – Cleveland, OH
“The course gave us new things to think about.”

Him: The depth of the topics was good and appropriate, a great way to think about our marriage as God intended it.

Her: I think many of the topics and questions challenged us to think about challenging and relevant aspects to marriage.

Both: It was a great reinforcement of many things that we practice in our relationship and encouragement to continue.