July 31st Luis and Elizabeth – Atlanta, GA“I feel that it brought us closer in a spiritual and emotional way and feel good about the sacrament we will receive soon.”

Him: Really enjoyed learning a lot more than what I knew about marriage as it relates to the Catholic Church. Loved taking time to read the resources provided. To know God is there, and will take care of us, and our marriage, even if we go through struggles in our future.
Her: Very well organized, timely responses, and so impressed by the amount of time our instructors put into this for us.  I can't thank them / you all enough. It ignites a passion in me to learn more Bible scriptures.  Yes I learned growing up in CCD, but I think going to a bible study often would help keep Christ first in our lives, which will help strengthen our marriage.
Both: We committed and talked about how we don't want to hide behind technology to bring up those hard issues. We know how to respect each other and talk to each other face to face.

August 1stJonathan and Lulu – Military Diocese “We felt more than just supported; we felt loved.”

Him: The class is very well set up in terms of pace and order of content. The class demonstrated that there is an entire infrastructure dedicated to aid others have a successful marriage and that I can trust my worldwide Catholic faith community to help us live God’s will.
Her: The class helped me learn more about God’s will and His plans for us, knowing we can always trust Him. I will be able to look further into where my place in parish life is after the wedding. I have a strong desire to be actively involved with the youth and children of the parish.
Both: It allowed us to better see how each other communicates, especially between us. It also gave us an opportunity to realize where our potential roadblocks in communication would be, so that we can work on them and keep them in mind for the future of our marriage.

August 2nd Cory and Katelyn – Philadelphia, PA As long as we have God and his church to turn to we can overcome any obstacle.”

It made me see that as a married couple we will face many issues but as long as we have God and his church to turn to we can overcome any obstacle.
Her: It revived my desire to get closer with God and his church because you get busy with every day life and sometimes forget how important it is to take time to allow God into your relationship but this course talked about so many things and brought to light the importance and how much we need God in our lives and relationships.
Both: A couple of the assignments pointed out the correct way to talk to one another and to approach one another so we don't automatically go into the defense mode. Also if we do forget to use the tools we were given and we have misunderstandings this course helped us to be able to practice forgiveness so we can forgive and that opens up the doors for better communication.

August 3rd Donald and Casey – Denver, CO “It exceeded my expectations because it brought a new level of communication to our relationship.”

Him: I think the prep was very beneficial to us because it spurred conversations about our faith that we would not have dove into had we not done it. It provided a lot of insights into what marriage means to the church.
Her: I enjoyed that it allowed us to discuss topics that we haven't before. It was great to have a platform that brought us both together to talk about or faith. I also enjoyed learning more about what it means to be Catholic as an adult. I have gone to Catholic school all my life and been an active part of my parish but there was still so much I didn't know.
Both: What used to be arguments about our differences in faith has not turned into healthy discussions. Neither of us knew much about the others faith and now we have been able to discuss and share our spiritual thoughts and feels.

August 4th Michael and Andrea – San Francisco, CA “We were also able to talk about the plans for the future, with a new perspective.”

Him: The prep was helpful and it helped me to grow closer to Andrea and my faith. I was able to understand Andrea's relationship with God in a different way then before. I appreciated the video links as well.
Her: I thought the prep was very insightful and it really helped Michael and I to talk about our religion in a new way, in a way we never have before. It also was helpful to bring up topics that may be an issue during our future. This class definitely met our expectations. It helped us to communicate more effectively, and we were able to grow together during the process. Since we are currently in a long distance relationship, we were able to make a skype date to work on our prep every week. I always looked forward to our assignments.
Both: Our communication has greatly improved, which I did not think would be possible since we have very effective communication now. I think expressing our needs when they arise is a big change for us.