November 2nd, Kevin and Allysha, Michigan "I would highly recommend it to future couples."
His: "I think this was a great course to prepare our marriage for many topics that will come up in our daily lives and to better our knowledge with Christ. It touched on so many levels of things that I think we take for granted and don't necessarily know about our faith and really goes in depth. There were many things we had questions on and the links answered many of our questions and further our knowledge with the Catholic faith."
Her: "My overall impression of this prep is that I would highly recommend it to future couples. I think the prep does a great job at challenging you to talk about certain religious topics that may be hard to talk about or aren't a topic of everyday conversation.
What I appreciated most was pry the length of the course and how in depth it was. We have talked to many people who have went to a prep class on a Saturday for a few hours and said just do that and get it over with. In my eyes you should not have that attitude about preparing your life for marriage and this prep option really touches base on good topics to discuss with each other."
Both: "It definitely improved our communication. We have known each other for many years and the topics we talked about in this course are not everyday conversations for us so it was nice to talk to each other about them and I think we learned a lot not only from the course but from each other."

November 3rd,  Chris and Heather, Lafayette, Louisiana "Thorough, spiritual, enlightening."
His:"Thorough, spiritual, enlightening. Reaffirmed the need for prayer and communication, I plan on going to Mass and Reconciliation."
Her: "Gave new insight to many teachings of the Catholic Church. It reminded me that I need to trust and respect Him."
Both: "We had many hours of deep conversation while going through this process. Thank you for your guidance, advice, and work to make our marriage be what God intended."

November 4th, Jason and Maria, Florida  “We look forward to attending Mass together.”
His:"This course allowed us to be able to predict some possible future problems and how to properly deal with them and to ensure Christ stays at the center of our relationship.
I liked that this could be easily done on the Internet together since we are both in different countries. I am already a religious person but its always nice to get some new motivation from a new source."
Her: "This course helped to bring us both together in a religious way. We will go to church together and worship."
Both: "We look forward to attending Mass together to allow Christs love to always be in our relationship. 
This was the first time that we really explored Christ in our relationship. This was a good beginning."

November 5th, Sam and Dela, Accra, Ghana "I didn't expect it to be as engaging as it proved to be"
His:"I was really pleased with the content and the support of our Instructor Couple. The mixture of audio, text and video I thought were great aids in helping us understand more.
I'd say it exceeded my expectations, as I didn't expect it to be as engaging as it proved to be. I would say it revived my Faith; it’s a great refresher on areas you think you had fully understood.
Her: "I appreciated how the additional info provided by our instructors supplemented our answers, they were great, as it provided additional context to ensure we understood the area/topic in question.  I plan to give more of my time to actively help with organizing and supporting initiatives coming from the parish.
Both: "The fact that we had to work on this together helped to get us closer, particular with putting us on one page with our understanding on the teachings of Christ and the church.

November 6th, Michael and Andrea,Kansas City, Kansas. "The responses provided were fantastic"
His:"I thought it was very helpful and useful for us in starting conversation. We have kept the answer keys and will likely go back to them as challenges present themselves in our lives.
I appreciated mainly the real life applicability of the course. It reminded me that the Catholic faith is adaptable to the changing times and is not "outdated." The teachings in the bible are just as applicable today as they were when it was written - amazing."
Her: "The responses provided were fantastic - the responses we received really made the course worthwhile as it provided more real life examples and applications of the catholic faith.
I was hesitant about how much I would learn from this class, but thought it was really great.  I expected this class to be more focused on younger people, but found the class to be very applicable to all ages. We were unable to do this course in person, but I am happy we did this because we were more comfortable with just one couple rather than being in a group.  I appreciated the couple taking the time to really look at our answers and provide valuable feedback and suggestions."
Both: "Once we find our "forever" parish (we are getting ready to move and may not be in the same parish), I would like to start attending various church functions beyond mass so that I can grow in the community. It gave us topics to talk about and provided a framework for some very important discussions."