December 16th Matthew and Jessica – Cleveland, OH
“The course made for great discussions.”

Him: I’m glad we were able to complete at our own pace, I think we grew closer as a couple.

Her: The course was great! It was easy to follow, and it was also nice to be able to do it on our own time. I would highly recommend to other couples preparing for marriage.

BothGot us to talk about some tougher things and it was nice to get feed back on our answers, gave us more things to think and talk about.


December 17th Anthony and Nicole – Philadelphia, PA
“It was a great experience.”

Him: I was very impressed with this course. I think we got a lot of materials for what we paid for this course.

Her: The way this course was structured was great; it really worked for my fiancé and I. I appreciated the lesson on family planning, it gave us so much to talk and think about.

Both:  It allowed us to be free and honest. It also allowed us to talk about things that may not have come up in regular day-to-day conversation.


December 18th Pedro and Jennifer – Denver, CO
“It was a great way to strengthen my relationship with my future spouse.”

Him: I learned a great deal about the importance of continually working on your relationship even after marriage and making sure it's an active responsibility vs. an expectation.

Her: It helped me become a better Catholic by showing me the meanings behind the teachings of the Church concerning marriage and starting a family.

Both: Having our instructors give us their feedback and insight after every class was invaluable and we're so glad that we went with this online class.


December 19th Alex and Dakota – St. Louis, MO
“Our instructors were fantastic!”

Him: Doing this marriage prep has really helped touch on topics that we have not yet discussed.I enjoyed learning more about the Catholic faith so I can better relate to my fiancée

Her: This course was great a great learning tool for my fiancé and I to further strengthen our bond. It showed me how much we need God to help strengthen us to become one. 

Both: We were able to speak on things that had not yet come up in our relationship and it put our minds at ease to know that we had the same ideas and values to move forward into a healthy relationship with God.


December 20th David and Kayla – Colorado Springs, CO
“We really enjoyed the curriculum.”

Him:   During the course we learned a lot about the true meaning of marriage and the unity it brings to God. I really enjoyed learning more about how we are uniting under God and becoming one with him.

Her: I think the classes offered great content and it was very beneficial. It reminded us why we wanted to get married in the church and what we need to do to keep our marriage thriving and stay close to God.

Both: It reminded us to think about the other person and listen before we speak.