We loved learning about God's expectations for us

April 11th Harold and Patricia Byers, CO: “wonderful prep!”
Him: Wonderful! Would be great for all couples to take!
Her: Very informative. I like the personalized information from our mentors.
Both:  God Bless you and the work that you do! We are so thankful to our instructors who made time in their very busy family life to provide this wonderful prep!

April 12TH Derek and Cheyenne, Black Forest, CO:  “we pray together at night and in the morning!”
Him: I feel that we learned a lot together!
Her: I loved every bit of this course! I loved learning about God's expectations for my future husband and I.
Both:  We talk every night about our day and pray together at night and in the morning!

April 13th Bryce and Nicole, Carrol, IA:  “a great opportunity to learn more about our faith”
Him: It was a great opportunity for my future wife and I to learn more about our faith and how it will play a role in the rest of our lives.
Her: It was extremely thorough in covering all aspects of a marriage that we might not have thought about to discuss beforehand.
Both: It allowed us to practice appropriate communication techniques and to really develop opinions together on how we feel about certain marital topics.

April 14th Paul and Angelle, Bunkie, LA:  “We really enjoyed the course!”
Him: I thought the course was very thorough and in depth. I definitely learned a lot about what goes into marriage.
Her: My overall impression was that the course was a great tool for us to learn about topics that will help our marriage be stronger such as NFP and also for us to learn more about each other.
Both: We really enjoyed the course! Thank you all for your support through this process.

April 15th Robbie and Vicky, Pennsylvania:  “All the answer keys gave us more perspective besides the ones that we came up with”
Him:  The prep is a very good tool for any couple getting ready to get married. It covers a broad spectrum of marriage, from religious to practical applications. It is a good driving tool to give couples a glimpse of a married life.
Her: I thought the prep was very helpful in preparing our marriage as Catholics.
Both:  This wedding preparation course was a great experience for both of us. We were able to discuss many aspects of our future married life that we would have otherwise overlooked. All the answer keys gave us more perspective besides the ones that we came up with. It was a great experience especially for us in a long-distance relationship.

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