October 19th, Wilbur and Jennifer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: We have learned to put more time in prayer as a couple.
His: “I feel it was a great learning curve. We got a better understanding of what is a marriage, How to go about Natural Family Planning, The importance of forgiveness in a marriage. It has been very helpful in helping us prepare for this Sacrament. We are overwhelmed with the feedback provided after every assignment. It covered what we missed."
Her: "We would both like to thank our instructors in helping us prepare for this course. Their feedback after every course has been very insightful and has helped me learn more about each topic. The NFP section was also very interesting. I plan to participate actively in church activities."
Both: “It helped us communicate better. The topic on listening also helped us understand each other. We also have learned to put more time in prayer as a couple.
We appreciate the time and effort Karen and Deano have put in during our journey. We know we did take a lot of time but are ever grateful for their experiences and hope to continue from here on. Thank you once more for guiding us through this course."

October 20th, Daniel and Fiorella, Venice, Florida: Motivated us to discuss things we were avoiding
His: "I was very impressed and enlightened. I was raised religious but not Catholic, this course was great to motivate us to discuss things and ideas that we either did not think about addressing or were avoiding talking about until a later date. I am happy we discussed these topics and the guidance that was provided."
Her: "This class inspired me a lot. I'm Catholic, but this course helped me to learn so many things about different topics that I didn't know before. I really like that we were able to share our opinions, ideas and feelings about them. I was very happy to know that our instructors are from Peru. I'm Peruvian also. They helped us a lot during this class. Thank you so much."
Both: "It showed us that we both are open to each other's feelings without judgment or animosity. We can have a serious discussion and respect each other enough to accept our views."

October 21st, Eric and Linda, Springfield, Missouri: A starting point to communicate on a deeper level together.
His: "It was nice because not only did I gain a better understanding of Catholic traditions but this class gave me a great understanding of things to prepare for in our future together! Thank you so much to our instructors for taking us under your wings. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very fun!
Her: "The class was very helpful to bring up topics we wouldn't normally discuss. It was refreshing and very informative. I enjoyed the prep and our instructors were very nice and always provided amazing feedback! The prep met and exceeded my expectations.
Both: "We plan on being part of the Vietnamese Church Community in Springfield. We plan on hosting prayers in our own home. The course allowed us to talk about our future more than we would normally. Bringing conversations that might be a bit awkward to talk about but allowed us a starting point to communicate on a deeper level together."

October 22, Tim and Lora, Metairie, LA:  I felt like some of the items were basically talking to me.
His: "Very thorough - I enjoyed the opportunity to openly discuss my faith with my wife. Although we pray together and go to church together, we had the opportunity here to discuss many things that we may not have otherwise.  I plan on attending church every day with my family and having time to pray and talk to Christ by myself."
Her: "I think it was an eye opener for a lot of items. Our teachers for our course were extremely helpful and educational. Truth is I was extremely surprised at how well this course is made. I grew closer to Christ by what I learned throughout the course. I felt like some of the items were basically talking to me."
Both: "This course allowed us to work together and allowed us to work at our own pace."

October 23rd, Armando and Crystal, Colorado Springs, CO: I want to help with youth so they won't feel as lost as I was growing up.
His:"It was great once we made the time. It was more than my expectations. I appreciated everything. Made me feel even more confident with being a Catholic."
Her: "It was great, I learned so much and I felt like the couple was very patient with us. I didn't know what to expect it was awesome. I want to help with youth so they won't feel as lost as I was growing up."
Both: " Made us make time to sit with each other and discuss us, a reminder to us no matter how busy life gets we need those one on one moments. We saved everything."