November 4th Jose and Liliana – Dallas, TX
“The course re-assured me of the importance of having a sacred marriage.”

Him: It was a very fulfilling course that really solidified why we want to be married in the sacrament of the church. It also provided us with a lot of beneficial resources and tips to help us throughout our marriage.

Her: It was a wonderful experience and very grateful for the wonderful instructors we had to help us learn and understand each assignment.

BothWe have been involved in church but the course and our instructors have ignited my desire to get more involved and proven to me how much I want to have our marriage blessed by Church.


November 5th Albert and Valerie – Galveston-Houston, TX  
“The course was flexible without sacrificing substance.”

Him: I felt like the course was very comprehensive and gave many references to materials that I am interested in following up on.

Her: I believe that I have learned a lot and have a better understanding of marriage in the eyes of God.

Both:  You could tell that the answers were not just prepared stock answers, but responses crafted with great care after careful review of our submissions.


November 6th Adam and Lauren – Detroit, MI
“The course lead to many great discussions.”

Him:  It sparked a lot of great conversations and allowed us to take a step back and realize how excited we are to spend the rest of our lives together.

Her: The course provided us with great suggestions on how to incorporate God more into our daily lives and covered a lot more than I thought it would.

Both: The course definitely allowed us to see the "big picture" on how God fits into everything and how fortunate we are.


November 7th William and Cierra – Colorado Springs, CO
“We are very satisfied with the course and we loved it.”

Him: This course was excellent, and we are excited to explore the rest of our lives under Christ. It kept our faith centered on Christ and his church.

Her: We loved this class, and brought us closer to God and we are ready to get the sacrament of marriage.

Both: I love how much it made us communicate and discussed each lesson in depth with each other.


November 8th Paul and Sarah – Lexington, KY
“How we have grown!”

Him:  I really appreciated the explanations from our instructors...they really spelled out the answers further for us and they did a good job.

Her: I cannot wait to get married in the church and begin our new life with God in our marriage.

Both: We like the idea of having God in our marriage and blessing us with this sacrament.