November 25th Kirill and Gisele – Galveston-Huston, TX
“I’m very happy with how the course turned out!”

Him:  The course was very useful. I learned a lot related to the Catholic Church and its views on marriage, family, children, etc.

Her: I now feel stronger about including the Church in the future upbringing of our family. And the amount and quality of feedback exceeded my expectations!

Both The amount of detailed feedback from our instructors was so appreciated! And the use of varying media (mixed video, audio, and reading) worked very well. 


November 26th Stephen and Emilie – Brooklyn, PA  
“I feel it was a very thorough experience.”

Him: It was a wonderful experience that gave us useful strategies to ensure a successful marriage.

Her: I feel I have learned more in this course than I would have spending a day at marriage class at a local parish.

Both: We were confronted with challenging situations that made us connect on a deeper level.


November 27th Jonathan and Brianna – Phoenix, AZ
“We really enjoyed the online option.”

Him: I appreciate the bonding and time spent working together on this course. Our work schedules limited us so it was ideal for us to be able to log in during the time we have together.

Her: We had a lot of conversations regarding different pieces of our religion that we had not yet discussed, nor would we have had the idea to discuss them.

Both: We were challenged with questions and forced to consider things that we had not even known could be an issue.


November 28th Dakota and Kelsey – New Orleans, LA
“Doing the love letters was my favorite part.”

Him: I learned a lot about marriage within the Catholic religion and it brought my fiancée and me closer.

Her: Taking this course has taught me a lot about God and his teachings. I feel closer to God by learning more about the Catholic faith.

Both: This course was very good in teaching us more about God and helping understand the meaning of marriage.


November 29th Matt and Jenn – Pittsburgh, PA
“We really appreciated all of the feedback.”

Him:   I felt that this prep was very important and informative for us.  The one on one approach with our instructors was key to me they gave us great insight.

Her: With our work schedules it made it nice to do on our own time. It was also nice to do at home together instead of in a room full of people. With these classes and topics it was very nice to be able to have the privacy to truly talk through everything.

Both: Our instructors were wonderful and provided excellent feedback and guidance. You could tell they were genuine and took their time to individualize the responses for us.