July 15th Nick and Beth – Belleville, IL
“I appreciated the constant focus on God throughout the course.”

Him:The course was a great chance to discuss our faith together and learn more about the sacrifice and commitment required in marriage

Her: The course encouraged me to really strive to make God the center of our relationship. This course was full of great information. 

BothWe both feel like we have learned a lot and have some great takeaways from this course. 


July 16th Rick and Jane – Norwich, CT
“The course made us think about the sacrament in depth.”

Him: We sat together and talked about the important topics, some of which may not have come up otherwise.

Her:  This class opened doors for Rick and I to talk more in depth about our faith in our daily lives and the challenges we may face as a married couple.

Both: The course focused us on the important spiritual side of this union we are entering into. 


July 17th Joseph and Olivia – Anchorage, AK
“Because of this course we feel compelled to improve aspects of our relationship.”

Him:  I thought the course was very helpful and provoked a lot of important conversations between us.

Her:  Overall we received some really valuable lessons through this course. One of the biggest take aways was that we were pushed to talk more in depth about keeping Christ at the center of our relationship and how we were actively going to do that. 

Both: This course helped us to realize the importance of giving our time, talent and treasure to the church.


July 18th Garrett and Sommer – Fairbanks, AK
“The course helped renew my understanding of the importance of church communities.”

Him: The class felt very thorough and redundant in resolving any upcoming issues. 

Her:  I enjoyed the class and I feel that it brought closer to the church as I prepare for my marriage. 

BothIt opened up a line of communication between us about the church which we never spoke of before. 


July 19th Ivan and Jennifer – Detroit, MI
“I feel more prepared and confident about our journey ahead!”

Him:  I think the class taught us a lot of great things, some of which I had not considered before. 

Her: We enjoyed learning and getting closer to our faith and each other through this course.

Both:  It reminded us how important it is to be open and available for each other.