July 2nd Sean and Cindy – Stockton, CA“It reminds me of what it felt like to have that faith and be closer to God again.”

Him:I thought this course was very informative and did a good job of bringing my wife and I closer by opening lines of communication that we didn’t have before.The information about NFP I had never even heard of it before this course and I find it very informative and plan on looking more into this.
Her: It helps us get to know more about each other by talking about our point of views of the topics that was brought up. We got to start planning on a lot of things like goals and how-to's that we never thought of before. We got to think of things we didn’t get to focus prior this class.
Both:[It helped us] By giving us some tough situations to think about and talk about it has opened a new line of dialog and increased our communication skills.

July 3rd Michael and Monica – Denver, CO “I realized some areas that I can do better and work on my relationship with God.”

Him:The class was rewarding in ways I didn’t expect.   I think Monica and I had a lot of good conversations from the course content and we learned a bit more about ourselves and each other in the process. I wasn’t sure what to expect starting out, but I felt it was overall a good experience.
Her:Surprisingly, I enjoyed the course.  It did a lot of time and work but I think the questions and assignments made a lot of sense.  It was nice how everything tied together. I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised by the conversations that it sparked and how we were able to share and grow together.
Both:[Did the course improve your communication?] Yes.  as we have included in our answers above we do believe our communication has improved from this course.  We have some great conversations, learned some new tools and grew closer through this. I believe the course forced us to take inventory of our current practice and relationship with God.  Although there is a lot more we can do to be involved in our church community, I felt that our beliefs are pretty aligned with the Church which was refreshing.

July 4th Nick and Anna – Chicago, IL “I wasn't sure what to expect, but came away very impressed with all of our lessons.”

Him:I think this has been an eye-opening an experience in a good way! There's so much to be talked about that we sort of glossed over before. I know that we're ready for marriage, but this course has really helped out in terms of establishing a line of communication. If we got a question wrong, they [our instructors] not only pointed out - but said so in a positive way and used constructive criticism as to why, and how to make it right.
Her:I've loved all of the lessons we've been able to take. The videos have been very interactive, and I truly appreciate [our instructor's] long, well thought out responses to our answers. It's been so helpful. I really appreciated a number of the videos. They were super helpful and interactive. It made us feel like someone was guiding us along.
Both:We were able to talk about hard subjects. Things like finances, marriage logistics, and sex, are always tricky subjects, however it made us realize to not postpone these difficult questions. Talk about them openly!

July 5th Joseph and Leslie – Rochester, NY “Our personal discussions that were sparked by the lessons.”

Him:The readings were helpful and the videos were interesting. It was insightful learning about marriage through the Catholic faith. Reading scripture guided lessons was beneficial to our spiritual growth as a couple. There were several things i haven't thought about in a while or haven't thought about in the ways presented in the course. This refreshed a lot of teachings I had grown up on and helped to focus on faith and marriage.
Her:I also agree that the readings and videos were very interesting and insightful. I enjoyed learning how much religion plays a part in marriage. The advice is something I hope to carry on in our lives together. I grew up from a religious background, but I found the lessons valuable in strengthening my bond with Joe and with God.
Both:The course has brought up many points of conversation that we feel were important to have for a married life. We have discussed all of the topics brought up regarding the difficulties of marriage, what we will face together, and how we will raise our family.

July 6th Dennis and Tanya – Philadelphia, PA “This program helped me see the importance of continuing to deepen our faith, and finding ways to ensure that we always follow the path that God has set for our family.”

Him: It was helpful to see the detailed response after each section. Helped us understand the true meaning of marriage and how important it is that we stay close to God throughout our lives and when raising our kids. It really makes you step back a bit and understand the true meaning of faith.  Sometimes we get lost in our busy lives, this showed me, that at times, we need to step back and allow God to guide us.
Her:I really enjoyed the feedback and encouragement from [our instructors]! They put a lot of thought, and helpful advice into each response, which was very appreciated.
Both:The exercises helped us think about and discuss topics that we might not have before. It also made us realize the importance of having prayer in our life, to not only strengthen our relationship as husband and wife, but also as parents.