December 9th Jacob and Holly – San Diego, CA
“The course was awesome and very thorough.”

Him: I appreciated all of the resources. They were helpful in addition to the questions.The course also helped me learn more about practicing the Catholic faith and has inspired me to attend Mass more.

Her: This was a really solid course that encompassed all aspects of the faith and preparation for the Sacrament of Matrimony.

BothThe course definitely helped because there were some very controversial questions that encouraged us to discuss and clarify our feelings about it.

December 10th John and Rochelle – Edmonton, Canada  
"We will never forget this course.”

Him: I appreciate the advice that our instructors gave us. They gave us lessons to learn to have a beautiful marriage.

Her: It's a good way for us to learn to work together as a team since we need more of this in the future

Both: Through the prayers at the beginning of every assignment, we always put ourselves in the presence of God.


December 11th James and Flavia – Denver, CO
“It reminded me of God’s love for us.”

Him: It helped me to better understand the Catholic Faith within our marriage.

Her: Course was interactive even though it was online. There was plenty of information to help us go deeper in our faith and relationship with God and each other.

Both: Our communication was good to begin with but this course helped us to improve it and deepen even more.


December 12th Andrew and Mary Kate – St. Louis, MO
“We were very please with our instructors.”

Him: I enjoyed this prep thoroughly.  It was clear, concise, and well-rounded.  I know that Mary Kate and I learned a lot from it. The depth of the teaching in this course actually surpassed my expectations.

Her: Andrew and I both got a lot out of this prep. it addressed very real questions and situations.

Both: It enabled us to talk about hard topics, particularly the communication assignment.


December 13th Cesar and Jacqueline – Salt Lake City, UT
“I appreciated the personalization.” 

Him:   I appreciated the feedback from our instructors, because it encouraged a dialogue between us as a couple.

Her: This course has drawn us into many conversations that helped us to appreciate and understand each other on a higher level. The fact that everything starts with God as the center, the foundation, makes these teachings so much more meaningful!

Both: Every assignment gave us more to talk about and we believe it improved our understanding of each other and our roles within a marriage through our Catholic faith.