March 21st,James and Emily, Columbus, OH  “Our instructors took the time to give us relatable answers!”
Him: Educational for our preparation towards marriage.
Her: Extremely educational and helpful in communication and fully understanding what is expected in marriage in God's eyes!
Both:  We really couldn't have asked for a better couple to go on this journey with us. Our instructors took the time to give us relatable answers and encourage us through the process. They gave fantastic feedback and provided such amazing resources about everything in which we learned. We are so grateful! Thank you so much!

March 22nd Giuseppe and Gabriella, Naples, Italy:  “I am surprised how much we got out of this course!”
Him: I am surprised how much we got out of this course. We were skeptical about online prep. Our parish did not offer preparation and it is required for our marriage in Italy. We decided to try it. Our instructors were great! They truly helped and their answers were so personal it showed that they truly cared.
Her: We were unsure of online courses. Our instructors were so helpful. They truly took the time to help us through the course and gave us personal responses.
Both: We would just like to thank our instructors. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives and helping us prep for this amazing time in our lives. We truly appreciate all your personal answers and your help with our questions. We will keep you in our prayers! Thank you for everything!

March 23rd Patrick and Sara, Denver, CO: “ We have grown closer these past couple of weeks and learned a lot about each other.”
Him: I really enjoyed having the opportunity for us to talk about topics that we never would have thought to talk about. I feel like we have grown closer these past couple of weeks and learned a lot about each other.
Her: I feel like I was given a more realistic impression of what married life will be like. We discussed things that are tough topics and that I could see some people never discussing without a class like this.
Both: We now understand that our purpose is to make the other person the happiest version of themselves. This means being open and honest!

March 24th Matthew and Stephanie, North Arlington, NJ: “We are more open and honest with one another now!”
Him: Veryinteresting. It taught me a lot considering I do not have the same Catholic background as my fiancé.
Her: Even though I have been raised in a holy Catholic household, there was a lot to learn. It was informative!
Both: Thank you so much to our instructors! You really opened our eyes, minds, and hearts. We appreciate your help throughout our journey!

March 25th Tim and Natalie, Santa Monica, CA:  “We loved the program and will be encouraging others to take it!”
Him: It brought me closer to my faith and really reminded me what is important in life and how to live in God's image. I grew up going to Catholic School and was familiar with many of the teachings discussed, although it had been quite some time since I actually thought critically about them. It provided a great framework to think more critically about my life as an adult and in marriage.
Her: Loved it! It has brought us closer together through our faith, support and understanding of one another.
Both: The lessons brought about new conversations we had not had. It pushed us to dig deeper into our own personal feelings, apprehensions, and faith together!