Our one-on-one heuristic approach can be described in three words: Progressive/Gradual/Deeper.

1- Progressive/Gradual/Deeper:

- Progressive: the engaged couples progress with every assignment as each worksheet is built upon the previous one.
- Gradual: We go one step at a time, we take the engaged couples where they are and we help them go further.
- Deeper: We go back to certain topics after the engaged couples have learned something new so we can take them deeper and deeper.

2 - Heuristic Method:

We do not work in the traditional teaching way, i.e. a lesson then questions about the lessons (we actually do this only for two assignments: assignments 4 and 5: Formation of Conscience and the teaching on contraception).
Instead we ask couples to think first (heuristic process), to search for answers to the questions, before they receive the fullness of the Church's teaching in the answer key.
We want them to 'own' their knowledge, we want them to think for themselves, to discuss, ponder, and investigate, before we complete their reflection with the Church’s teachings.
This way, the couple stays engaged in the process and is more open to embracing the teachings of the Church.

This is why the work is down in two phases:
The first one as we described above is the searching phase, the second one is the reading of their personal answer key from their instructor couple.
The "meat of the program', the core of the teaching, is in the answer key.
Not reading and not discussing the answer key makes the whole process quite worthless.

3 - One on One/personalized method:

Since the engaged couples are asked to give their own personal answers, then each engaged couple is really unique for us.
Their instructor couple will review each and every one of their answers/comments and answer back to each one of them in a very personalized way, before giving them the teachings of the Catholic Church, common to all.
It makes this journey really unique for each engaged couple as well as for their instructor couples.
The engaged couple can ask any question they want, together or separately, on the marriage preparation itself or on any other topic.
If we are not able to answer to their questions, we will take the time to look for the right answers or send them to the right resources.
When some of these questions need the help of a counselor, we have a counselor on staff who will answer anonymously or personally.

We see beautiful things happen through this way of teaching as you can read in our weekly reviews