Theology of the Body marriage preparation program is based on, follows, and is guided by St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body.
Couples are immersed in TOB for a minimum of three (3) hours throughout the course.

Online one-on-one mentor led:

We try to keep the balance between technology and personal interaction.
We have a cool name for it: HIGH TOUCH / HIGH TECH
Each worksheet combines a mix of texts, audio and video clips.
A live experienced and trained instructor couple is at the other end to review personally each couple’s worksheet, each couple’s answer.
The engaged couple and their instructor build a deep relationship founded on trust.

It’s Catholic and Christ-centered:

God invented Marriage = it is first a spiritual adventure.
Foundation is Christ: They are three to get married!
There is a progression throughout the course, assuming many are not well catechized.
We take them where they’re at and bring them up gradually.
We continually update the course, almost on a daily basis, with new Church documents or commentaries. Our course is alive.

One stop shop

Couples have also the possibility to register for online NFP instruction and Pre Marital Inventory. Again they have a live instructor; it is not just an electronic gimmick