June 17th Nolan and Natalia – Denver, CO
“We learned how important it is to have a Christian life and family.”

Him:I thought it was an excellent course and I grew closer to God and my spouse. I felt like I learned some new life lessons that I will incorporate into my life moving forward.

Her:  I appreciated the info on how to live a life with God, how we can make our marriage successful, the important things in marriage, the decision we make of loving our spouse everyday. 

BothIt improved our relationship by praying more together and understanding the importance of marriage and the roles we take in it. 


June 18th Dalton and Christina – Pueblo, CO
“It really opened up our conversations.”

Him:It showed me how important marriage is in the Catholic faith and how to be a great husband to my future wife.

Her:  At first the course was more time consuming than I thought it was going to be, but I didn't mind because there was so much great information, and the instructors have such great feedback.

Both: It has given us the tools to continue to grow as a couple and we can overcome any challenge together. 


June 19th Ryan and Rebecca – Milwaukee, WI
“The course was great for critical thinking.”

Him:  I think it revived my faith and makes me excited to lead my future family into God's path.

Her: The prep was great to go through. It allowed us to strengthen our bond and be reminded how important it is for us to have God be the center of our life. 

Both We got to understand that marriage isn’t always going to be perfect and its important for us to always work with one another. 


June 20th Carlos and Valeria – Chicago, IL
“The course reinforced even more our love and future commitment.”

Him:I had no idea I was going to enjoy this course so much because in learning more about God we also learned more about each other.

Her: Excellent, without a doubt it has taught us some great many lessons and the true meaning of marriage. Every passage was a moment of reflection

BothIt helped us find new and correct ways to talk about future potential problems that we can have and the way to express ourselves in a positive way.


June 21st John and Emily – Santa Fe, NM
“The feedback from the instructors was outstanding.”

Him:  It showed me the beauty of marriage between Emily, Me, and Christ. It also led me to better see how I can get ready spiritually.

Her: This course covered important topics and led to discussions that we had never talked about before and I loved that it was self-paced

Both: The course improved our communication by bringing up important topics, which led us to have long conversations about them.