May 23rd David and Diana- Sacramento, CA “It connected us in a deeper spiritual level”
Him: I thought it was good. It left me with a lot of things to think about.
Her:I've personally enjoyed this prep because it brought up many important topics that I believe has really helped my fiancé and I to talk about and it connected us in a deeper spiritual level. I feel closer to my fiancé and we feel comfortable talking about everything with each other. It taught us how to get through anything that comes our way in our future.
Both: It helped by allowing us to be able to open up on topics that might be a little hard to talk about. It also gave us tools on how we should handle situations the best we can. Most importantly we received advice on how to continue to stay on the path God has intended us to follow.

 May 24th Matthew and Marcie- Connecticut Taking this course forced us to be okay with talking about some of the difficult topics
Him:This was an experience of personal and spiritual growth for me in addition to being the beginning of a journey with Marcie. Our instructors encouraged us to be open, communicate, and to be aware of the importance of God in our marriage.
Her: I think this prep encouraged us to have the conversations necessary to go into our marriage fully prepared. The conversations that we were asked to have, may not have taken place had it not been for this course (e.g. the conversations around conflict or abortion).
Both: There are topics that we avoided, even unintentionally, when talking about marriage and future. Taking this course forced us to be okay with talking about some of the difficult topics that are necessary to go into a marriage fully aware and fully committed. This course made conversation and disagreements welcome. We learned how to discuss ideas without judgement as a way of finding a common ground and compromising.

May 25th Paul and Ebele- Ibadan, Nigeria: “A must for every couple!”
Him:  A must for every couple! It is quite interesting, informative and educative.
Her:  Absolutely interesting! I enjoy every bit of it and I learned a lot. Thank you.
 Both: It improved our communication a lot especially in our expectations. We learned how to resolve issues without using the 'You' word and keeping Jesus at the center of our relationship. We appreciate the work you are doing and how you take time to address most issues we never thought of. It’s quite enlightening. We enjoy every bit of it. Thank you.

 May 26th Kyle and Bianca – International Falls, MD  “What I appreciated most was the lessons on NFP”
Him: What I appreciated most was the lessons on NFP, communication, and forgiveness.
I felt like I was able to really connect and absorb a lot of new information and new ideas.
Her: I really appreciated the lessons on birth control and how informative it was along with the NFP lesson, and the lesson about the history of Adam and Eve. It is very
informative and I really enjoyed reading and watching the videos. This class has made my faith stronger!
Both: We both want to attend mass more often, start praying together more, and practice things that we have learned through this marriage class.

May 27th Joshua and Dominique- Edmonton, Canada  “I got to know why Dominique wanted a CAtholic wedding and why her faith is so important to her.
Him:It was great to get to know a bit more about the values of the Catholic Faith and Dominique's beliefs. A lot of the exercises are great for Catholics and non-Catholics entering into marriage. I feel like I got to know why Dominique wanted a Catholic wedding and why her faith is so important to her and her family.
Her:It was a great way to open up more topics that are important to discuss in a relationship. It definitely keeps the lines of communication open. Getting feedback from a couple that has been married awhile and has gone through a lot is awesome! It also helps to re-examine your beliefs and reasons for marriage. You definitely get back in touch with your faith.
Both:Talking about subjects in depth helped us discover a lot about ourselves and our spouses. It also solidifies the reasons you are choosing to marry this person.