1- Fill out the registration form and payment page. Make sure to save your username and password. You will need them to access your assignments.

2- Read the message on the confirmation screen: it contains some of the instructions you need to start the course. 
The same message will be automatically sent to the email address you entered in your registration form. If you do not receive it, look for it in your SPAM.
It will also be resent to you within a maximum of 3 business days, with the names of your instructors.

3- In your confirmation message you will find the instructions you need to get started with the links to your first two assignments:
1- Knowing You Better
2- The Plan of God

4- Your Membership:
Valid for a maximum of three months from your registration date
or until your wedding date which ever occurs first.
Your membership can be extended up to an additional month without cost for serious reasons (military, deployed, health problems...).
After this extra month, if you still haven’t completed the course, you will be required to pay a reactivation fee of $74.

5- Your Profile:
Accessible only to you and your instructors. It is a secured page. You can give access to it to your priest or deacon if you wish, by sharing with them your username and password.
Your answer keys and your certificate will be posted onto your profile.

6- Your Instructors:
You will work one on one with your instructors.
We assign instructors according to their workload after you register. You can ask all your questions to your instructors.

7- Completing the lessons:
Click here to see the course’s content.
We do not give several assignments at the same time (except the two first ones). The course is a process. Each assignment is done in two steps:
1) your reflection and answers to the worksheet's questions
2) Our personalized answer containing the teaching of the Church to complete your answers and help you go further.
Your answer key should help you answer the next assignment as each assignment builds upon the previous one.

There are NO live chat forums. You can contact your instructors by email.
You can work at your own pace within the three months time frame.
We recommend working one assignment per week to have time to process and discuss the subjects.

After you register, in the confirmation message, you will find the link to your first worksheet.
You will work one assignment at a time (nine total).
Within a maximum of 3 business days your instructors will upload your personalized answer key on your profile as a Word document. The link to your next assignment will be at the end of this document.

If you live far apart, make sure you share and discuss your answers whether by e-mail or Skype, or by phone before you submit one final combined answer back to us.

When the course is completed, after you fill the feedback form, we will upload your certificate of completion onto your profile as a PDF file (requires to have Adobe Reader).