Oct. 24th – Anthony and Stephanie – Archdiocese of Detroit, MI “It made me understand why we need God in our marriage”
Him: First off, having two people who take the time out of their day to help guide us and prepare us is a comforting thing. Some things I feel I knew but mostly everything was a learning experience, and I will keep this with me throughout our marriage. I had a ton of "a-ha moments" that really made sense almost is if I knew already in my heart.

Her: It was very thought provoking. It sparked discussions that we've never had before. I feel like we learned more about each other after these classes. It was nice to have guidance from another, more experienced, married couple in the church.

Both: It gave us a deeper understanding on what it means to be married in the Catholic Church.

Oct. 25th – Travis and JuliAnne – Diocese of Lafayette, LA “I was very impressed with this class and enjoyed coming closer together as a couple and closer to God”
It made my relationship with God better and my faith in Him stronger. It also made me realize that those two together are what makes a marriage thrive.

Her: I appreciated the in-depth responses that our instructors gave us and how well we understood what we they had to offer us.

Both: This course and our instructor’s words will definitely stick with us for the entirety of our marriage.

Oct. 26th – Luke and Rebecca (Interfaith) – Archdiocese of Boston, MA “It makes me want to tell other couples the beauty of getting married in the church”
As a non-Catholic I thought it was extremely formative and helpful for me to understand what it really means to get married in the church

Her: I loved it! I loved having these spiritual conversations with my fiancé, especially because he isn't catholic, it was such a blessing for him to understand the church more!

Both: We appreciated that we could go at our own pace and how in depth the feedback from our instructors was.

Oct. 27th – Eriberto and Janeth – Diocese of Fresno, CA “We were blessed to have been a part of this class”
This class gave us a wonderful opportunity to learn about each other on a spiritual level. I have a better idea of what is required of me as a husband and what is required of us by God's church. This course was a true blessing.

Her: This course was time well spent together. We learned about one another on a deeper level. We are now equipped with the tools to build our relationship and our spirituality together. More than a course, this gave us roadblocks to continue to build out our pathways toward a good life together.

Both: We are committed, now more than ever, to going to mass and being active in our church.

Oct. 28th – David and Carolyn (Military) – Archdiocese of Washington D.C. "This course stressed the importance of prayer which is something I’m looking forward to doing more of together”
Being in the military, we are grateful for the opportunity to virtually complete pre-cana! Our instructors were excellent and gave great feedback.

Her: The structure of the course covered important topics that connected us to resources, scriptures, and great God-centered instructors to give us advice

Both: The entire course was beneficial to spur conversation before the wedding. We appreciated the time spent together (while physically distant and a 3-hour time difference) to talk about God and the importance of God in our lives and marriage.