March 21st – Kevin and Leslie -Diocese of Colorado Springs, CO “Having someone to guide you through it is very enlightening.

Him: I am extremely pleased with this course and our sponsors. Our sponsors have been absolutely fantastic. The explanations and guidance have been profound and sincere. We greatly appreciate the time and effort put forth to help us learn more about this wonderful journey.
Her: I am overwhelmingly delighted with these classes. I am thankful for our sponsors. Their instruction and open dialog were very insightful. They did not shy away from difficult subjects, yet were tactful in their approach to addressing them. It is refreshing to find a couple who has been married for so long as well.
Both: The course gave new insight and appreciation of our marriage. It helped to understand the importance of putting God at the center of it.

March 22nd – David and Elettra -Archdiocese of San Francisco, CA “It was a great experience!

Him: This class was very insightful and I’m grateful we’ve been able to go through these exercises and connect more as a couple.
Her: It has been a great exercise to know each other deeply, learn more about the sacrament of marriage and feeling connected to God
Both: It has shined more light into why marriage is such an important sacrament and giving more meaning to our wedding!

March 23rd – Zachary and Julia -Diocese of Allentown, PA “The course improved our communication as a couple in several ways.

Him: I sincerely enjoyed this course since, more than anything else, it provided an in-depth, more mature, perspective on the Catholic faith then I received in grade school or as an altar server. Our instructors were also incredibly helpful and great to work with.
Her: I enjoyed the course since it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of my future husband's Catholic faith and a better understanding of certain Christian traditions as a whole.
Both: We appreciated this course very much, as it allowed us to put our future marriage truly into the perspective of what is really important, God, His Church, and His Sacrament of Marriage, as opposed to all of the silly secular things that have to be prepared (and cause stress) for a marriage.

March 24th – Chase and Christina -Archdiocese of Washington, DC “It motivated me more to attend weekly Mass

Him: I have a very positive impression of the class because it taught me a lot about myself, about Christina, and about marriage and I can't wait to move forward with our decision to get married.
Her: This class was great - it taught us a lot about the Sacrament that we wouldn't have realized otherwise and we also learned a lot about each other!
Both: It improved our communication because of the questions and the detailed responses required - it really got us talking and speaking with each other about things we might not have otherwise.

March 25th – Devin and Kelley -Diocese of Lafayette, LA We find our communication is more open now

Him: This online marriage prep was easy to navigate and the instructors were fantastic. They gave us great feedback on all of our answers and gave us a better understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Her: The class put into perspective the true meaning of marriage in the Catholic faith. I didn't have a full understanding of the importance of being married in the Catholic Church until we did this marriage prep. I now know how important my marriage will be in getting me to Heaven.
Both: This marriage prep did revive our faith. We are now praying more together and have a lot to look forward to.